Welcome aboard: Calu Rivero’s double was present at the door of similarities

Calu Rivero’s double took a walk through the door of the “Similar” from Welcome aboard, but ended up misleading everyone, except Hernán Dragowho was able to recognize her.

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In the search for a trip to Europe for two people, the young woman submitted to the evaluation of the juries that discover the character that she was representing.

Upon arrival at the study, the participant was received by Laurita Fernández, who told her: “Oh wow, how cute. Let’s see, come. For. Da model of how cute it is”.

The young woman entered the door wearing blue jean shorts, a white crop top that exposed her abdomen and a black leatherette jacket. Her look was complemented by her understated makeup, accompanied by a simple hairstyle on her short copper-colored hair that reached a little above her shoulders.

The participant commented that she was entered in the competition to participate for the prize of the trip to Europe, while commenting that her environment frequently comments on her great resemblance to the famous person she represented. “I don’t know Europe, but I would love to win the trip”, said the young woman.

A collection of actresses, models and singers

In the midst of the debate carried out by the juries, The young woman was confused with a huge collection of Argentine and international actresses, as well as singers and models. Agustina Cherry, Natalie Pérez, Natalie Portman, Keira Knightley, Denisse Dumas, Laura Novoa, Jennifer López and Camila Cabello, among others, passed the screening.

Finally, Drago was the only one capable of recognizing that it was Dignity, the name that Calu Rivero adopted A few years ago, while the participant applauded because someone had finally recognized her on the show.

Welcome aboard.  Photo: eltrece

Welcome aboard. Photo: eltrece

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