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Happy is the man who knows how to distinguish the real from the unreal, the eternal from the transitory, and the good from the pleasant, through discrimination and wisdom. Doubly blessed is he who knows true Love and knows how to love himself, holding all his habits. A house cannot stand without a firm foundation. By Yoga Teachers Lucrecia Righelato and Gisela Righelato.

After taking a break where people relax in all their aspects, it creates well-being and gratitude.

Upon returning from that break and returning to daily activities and routine, sudden stress usually appears.

Yoga is an ancient technique that works with different methods to achieve lower stress levels, balance and perfect harmony; Other of its benefits is regulating sleep, having a good rest and flexibility both physically and externally.

Within yoga, you work with different tools, one of them and very effective is the type of breathing.

The number of breaths per minute changes the state of our autonomic nervous system and therefore the mood of people.

Respiration rate, the number of breaths per minute, is an indicator of the activity of the Autonomic Nervous System.

The Parasympathetic Nervous System (responsible for relaxing, digesting food, nourishing the body), is activated when you breathe slowly and deeply and is characterized by a lower frequency.

It is necessary to take this example and this tool, since, by managing to relax and balance the functioning of the organs -how to nourish the body- that state and vibrational frequency of well-being is maintained.

Below is a description of how to do it for your practice, if possible in the morning or when needed.

-Lie face up, with the right hand on the chest and the left on the abdominal area. Feel the movement.

-Inhale in four times (you can count four heartbeats) filling the lungs.

-Exhale in eight counts counting heartbeats and adjusting the glottis so that the air comes out slowly and controlled.

-Repeat between four and eight full breaths per minute.

After your practice, observe your changes and repeat it daily to achieve that constant balance.
NdR: Article published in the Educational Material of Icarus Centro de Salud & Longevidad, January 2023.

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