WellWo’s workplace wellness program is the great ally of companies when it comes to combating burnout

WellWo's workplace wellness program is the great ally of companies when it comes to combating burnout

Currently, the burnout it is becoming more and more common and many people are suffering from its symptoms right now, due to the increase in responsibilities and the fast pace in the workplace. The most common symptoms are chronic physical exhaustion, stress and anxiety.

In this context more than ever, it is necessary to wellness corporate, which consists of programs exclusively designed to improve the mental and physical health of workers and their well-being at work. For example, WellWo is one of the current references in the sector that can considerably help companies in the fight against burnout.

What is the burnout?

Despite seeming like a simple word to define a physical and mental state at work, the truth is that it is a syndrome studied by specialists, which has real implications for today’s employees. Specifically, the syndrome burnout or burnout syndrome refers to a state in which the work stress becomes chronic, resulting in a state of fatigue and general exhaustion. This can affect workers in any labor sector, but especially those who are in charge of customer service. Among the most common symptoms are widespread and chronic physical and mental exhaustion, a marked decrease in work motivation and productivity, altered mood and behavior, and increased absenteeism from work, among others. However, there are ways to effectively combat burnout and the programs wellness can be very useful and help to achieve well-being at work.

WellWo and the wellness corporate

The WellWo company is a firm dedicated to the development and implementation of comprehensive 360º health and wellness programs. Specifically, they are programs based on 6 fundamental pillars, which are the physical, nutritional, environmental, emotional, social and financial health, which are achieved through the projection of audiovisual content for the promotion of healthy habits. The wellness corporate, developed by this company, creates the right conditions to avoid the burnout in the workplace, since by having physical and mental well-being, motivation and a suitable work environment, the impact of stress is considerably reduced and the appearance of the syndrome is avoided. But not only that, but the wellness Corporate governance also reduces absenteeism, retains talent, improves the work environment, increases the involvement of the team of workers, increases motivation and, consequently, improves the company’s results.

Right now there are more than 50,000 active users of WellWo services and many have expressed satisfaction with the results. Through its services, WellWo has established itself as a great ally for all those companies that want to improve from within.

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