We’re astrology experts – why Kylie Jenner’s star sign means she spoils her kids but will be a mom parent like Kris

INTRODUCING Reading the Stars, the new US Sun lifestyle column by The AstroTwins, Ophira and Tali Edut.

This week, the AstroTwins take a look at what Karadahsian women’s star signs say about their parenting styles – including details of Kylie Jenner’s Leo mom status.

The AstroTwins say that because Kylie Jenner is Leo, she likes to spoil her children


Most people know their sun sign, also known as the zodiac sign – but there’s more to astrology, especially when it comes to what kind of parent you are, say the AstroTwins.

“Did you know that the sign of the moon in your birth chart plays a huge role in a person’s mothering style?

“The moon, which changes zodiac signs every two and a half days, determines how nurturing and motherly you will be. »

Kylie was born on August 10, 1997, making her a Leo with a Scorpio moon – so what does that mean for her four-year-old daughter, Stormi, and seven-month-old son with Travis Scott?

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Kylie, 25, likes to please her children.

“The Lion mom is protective and glamorous, keeping her cubs close while spoiling them,” the AstroTwins say.

To wit: Daughter Stormi’s vegan diet and baby products are strictly monitored, but the little one also got her own yellow school bus and a $12,000 Hermès kindergarten backpack.

“But hey, if you have it…you spend it?” »


But this workaholic isn’t just sitting around in her mansion doing nothing – and her moon sign indicates that she’ll be integrating her children into her empire, making her heir to Kris’ momager throne.

“With Kylie’s moon in powerful and controlling Scorpio (Kris Jenner’s zodiac sign), she’s the girl most likely to fill momager Manolos,” the AstroTwins explain.

“How about a toddler-sized pair too?”

Being a Scorpio Moon means she's likely to follow in Momager Kris Jenner's footsteps


The AstroTwins say it's no wonder Kylie


“Stormi has a game-slash-‘office’ room at Kylie Cosmetics headquarters, and Kylie has already registered a multitude of trademarks for the Stormi World brand.

“With Kylie’s moon in the chart’s most business-savvy sector, it’s no wonder the (pre-tax) billionaire is creating generational wealth for her kids, bringing her mini-me to board meetings. since a young age. »

And Kylie’s mysterious son? Ophira and Tali say it’s no surprise she hasn’t revealed her name yet.

“The Scorpio moon mother is also famous for her privacy,” they say.

Earlier this week, the AstroTwins explored how Libra mom Kim Kardashian’s sign means she has a “permissive” parenting style.

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Check back tomorrow for a look at Khloe’s parenting style.

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