Wesley Snipes (Blade) will create a comic book with The Exiled

After Keanu Reeves or Jamie Lee Curtis, it is up to the former interpreter of Blade to imagine a work based on investigation and science fiction.

Today, more and more players are diversifying. They turn to production, scriptwriting, directing, and even other universes. Arnold Schwarzenegger got into politics, and big names like Leonardo DiCaprio or Emma Watson put their fame at the service of great causes like ecology or parity.

An investigator plunged into the madness of a serial killer

Some also engage in more “pop” activities, such as writing comics. Like Keanu Reeves or Jamie Lee Curtis, who will also direct the film inspired by his creation, another big name in the seventh art will embark on the world of comics: Wesley Snipes. The interpreter of Blade and Simon Phoenix in Demolition Man has indeed teamed up with producer Keith Arem to embark on an adventure featuring a fictional character largely inspired by Snipes in a sequential adventure. baptized The Exiledthe story will feature a detective on the trail of a serial killer who would use 5000-year-old tools and would have a habit of ripping out the spines of his victims after their death.

Inspector Niles “Roach” Washington embarks on the trail of this murderer, against the advice of his superiors who seek to put a spoke in his wheels and do not adhere to his crazy theories, while the hero must penetrate into the darkness to stalk his prey and uncover some of the oldest and darkest secrets of the human species. All in a sci-fi environment. The first official press release also promises a good number of bonuses, such as a 12-centimeter figurine representing Snipes in the skin of Roach, a collector’s edition of the album or even codes hidden through the book opening access to various dematerialized content. .

A project that was born thanks to crowdfunding

The screenplay and dialogues will be produced by Adam Lawson, president of the publishing house Gifted Rebels, the artist Gabriel “Eskivo” Santos will be in charge of the drawings and Valentina Bianconi will be in charge of the colors. As for Wesley Snipes, the actor would have greatly participated in the creation of the universe and the hero. The project should weigh in at 140 pages, and be available in two versions: one in comics format, and one in manga format. The title will be financed via the Kickstarter platform, before being distributed by the Gifted Rebels brand, a small publishing house in Los Angeles, most of whose projects are carried out through participatory fundraising. If success is there, it is not impossible that an adaptation will see the light of day, just like the creation of Keanu Reeves.

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