We’ve Found The Most Faithful Cosplay To Angelina Jolie’s Lara Croft Version And We Still Don’t Think It’s Real – CINEMABLEND

Every element of the costume seems to be taken from the very shooting of the film adaptation.

Lara Croft She is one of the most famous female characters in cinema and video games so far. In a world where the main characters were male, the intrepid explorer made a name for herself by marking a milestone in a generation.

But, without a doubt, the great explosion of this character came with the film adaptation of the video game. Although, if it was already quite a challenge to represent and bring down to earth the entire universe of Lara Croft, it was even more difficult to find the perfect candidate to embody its protagonist.

The result was an incredible Angelina Jolie in the skin of the heroine. But, if there is something that became more iconic than the character itself, it was her look. Since the premiere of the tapes, the clothing and appearance of Jolie’s character has been replicated millions of times in different carnival parties or even Halloween all over the world.

But, cosplayers take the meaning of the costume to another level. An example of this is the cosplayer Alyson Tabbithawho has left us speechless after seeing her Lara Croft cosplay.

in this cosplay It is thought out to the thousandth detail. If you look closely, everything is completely faithful to Jolie’s character on the tapes, and also partly to that of the video game. The emblem on the belt buckle, the cartridge belts themselves, her braid, the wristbands… But, above all, an element that is really achieved are their pistolsThey seem taken from the very filming of the movies.

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