Wey, I don’t even run into you: Anna Wintour does not remember the intern who wrote The Devil Wears Fashion

As editor-in-chief of fashion for more than thirty years, Anna Wintour He is one of the most powerful figures in the fashion industry. Her style, effort and personality have been the subject of debate among experts and admirers of hers, especially after the publication of The Devil Wears Prada where part of his dark side was shown. In 2006 El Diablo Viste a la Moda premiered – 75% which made her figure even more popular, but not necessarily from a positive angle. Wintour has always tried to avoid this topic, but now a new revelation about it tells us that he doesn’t even remember the intern who used her as inspiration for his book in the first place.

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The Devil Wears Prada is a fictional novel about a young woman named Andrea who seeks to take her first steps in the world of journalism and finds a place as an intern at the most important fashion publication in the world. What should have been her first experience in her area turns into hell when her work leads her to fulfill every ridiculous whim of her always dissatisfied boss. The book is much darker than the adaptation and touches on more complex and realistic themes, especially in the third act which definitely makes a difference. This is because it is based on real events. Lauren Weisberger wrote the novel remembering her time in fashion under Wintour’s command, although she always clarified that some of Miranda Priestly’s character’s requests were exaggerated and mixed with those received by her friends in other jobs.

In the film, Andy (Anne Hathaway) tries to jump right into the world of fashion after being publicly humiliated. In an attempt to prove that she is fit for the job she decides to ride the tide. Here she also begins to neglect other aspects of her life, like her partner and her friends, but it happens in a nicer way than in the book. On the other hand, the ending leaves the idea that Miranda Priestly (Meryl Streep) was tough but recognized the potential of her assistant, something that never really happened.

The book received a lukewarm reception when it was published in 2003. The general public was kinder and enjoyed the story as such, but several critics attacked it because they recognized the references to fashion Y Anna Wintour and they considered that it was in very bad taste to speak ill of her and seek recognition in return. It was the film that made the novel more popular and allowed Weisberger to write two sequels.

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Like it or not, various aspects of Anna Wintour they are directly related to Miranda Priestly, so it is a subject that the editor has not been able to escape. A new biography on Wintour reveals a bit about how she reacted to the book and the movie and, to no one’s surprise, she claims that she doesn’t even remember Lauren Weissberger I didn’t even know the novel was about her. amy odellauthor of Anna: The Biography (via Entertainment Weekly) writes:

On May 21, 2002, Women’s Wear Daily shared the news that The Devil Wears Prada had been sold to publisher Doubleday for $250,000. When Anna found out about the novel, she told [su jefa de redacción Laurie] Jones: “I can’t remember who that girl is.”

According to William Norwich, who has contributed to the magazine on several occasions, the editor did not really care about the book, but the movie did make her curious. The biography reveals that Wintour attended a private function, wearing Prada, and there the director David Frankel claims to have heard Wintour’s daughter say that she had really portrayed her mother well.

For its part, meryl streep says he never went to Anna Wintour to create the character of Miranda. The actress did not want to make a mocking portrait of the editor and she preferred to focus on her power within the company. To intimidate her colleagues, Streep was inspired by Clint Eastwood when he works as a director, always firm and without raising his voice. On the other hand, although this biography will supposedly reveal more details about the life of this fashion icon, representatives of Anna Wintour They assure that she is not associated in any way with the work and she was not consulted to clarify what things were true or not.

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