What all of Taylor Swift’s exes have said about her


College kids across the country rightfully lost their minds in 2009 when Taylor Lautner and Taylor Swift became an official couple. Hearts melted at the thought of the “Twilight” idol and the “You Belong With Me” singer becoming a romantic couple, and it wasn’t just because they share the same first name. The pair bonded while playing a couple in the 2010 rom-com “Valentine’s Day,” but their chemistry in the film has also clearly continued off-screen. Shortly after filming wrapped, the two famous Taylors began dating. But from Swift’s recollections, the “Twilight” star was more in love with her than the other way around. She came out with the song “Back To December” in 2009, which had lyrics that the whole world assumed was about her former co-star. The track has Swift apologizing to Lautner while admitting to taking him for granted throughout their relationship.

“You gave me roses and I left them there to die,” she sings, followed by “So this is me swallowing my pride standing in front of you saying I’m sorry for tonight/ and I go back in December all the time. »

In 2016, Lautner confirmed during a Scream Queens press tour (per YouTube) that the song is actually about him. But it looks like the channel is no longer on his doorstep, as he fondly recalls his time with Swift. He even calls the song “beautiful” in the video.


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