What are ‘nepo babies’? Celebrities like Hailey Bieber, Angelina Jolie and Nicolas Cage wear this label


The label nepo baby It is very fashionable among the celebrity world but what does it mean and why? We tell you who are the reason for their name.

The term has been around for some time. nepo baby to refer to those celebrities “sons of”, that is, who they are famous because their parents are famous.

Nepo baby comes from the word nepotism, which according to the Royal Spanish Academy means “excessive preference that some give to their relatives for concessions or public jobs”, the main reason for the controversy surrounding these people.

And it is a topic that has created a lot of controversy in hollywoodsince it is denounced that the nepobabies monopolize the industry for the simple fact of having a surname or being a relative of, and that another person trained for the same position will not have the same opportunities to achieve it because they do not belong to any family established in the industry.

Recently, New York Magazine has attacked the nepo babies on his last cover (December 2021) and this has bothered the celebrities who identify with this term.

Some of the best-known cases of nepo babies are:

kendall jenner

Victoria’s Secret Angel kendall jenner He has had it very easy in the industry thanks to his parents, Chris Jenner and the then Olympian Bruce Jenner.

The young woman managed to gain a foothold in modeling thanks to the name of her family and she became the highest paid model.

hailey bieber

Last name Baldwin before marrying the singer Justin Bieberthe model hailey bieber is the actor’s daughter Stephen Baldwin and the actor’s niece Alec Baldwin. She has recently worn a shirt with the words “nepo baby” after the incipient controversy.

lily rose depp

The actor’s daughter Johnny Depp and the model Vanessa Pardis is another of the most prominent nepo celebs. Actress and model, Lily-Rose She has posed for brands like Chanel and has starred in fashion covers like ELLE magazine.

But the label nepo baby does not seem to like anything and has defended its position:

“If your father or mother is a doctor, and you later become a doctor, nobody tells you that you have chosen it just because your parents are doctors, you will say that you have studied medicine”, sentenced the model.

Nicolas Cage

the famous actor Nicolas Cage is also a nepo baby. The acclaimed actor is part of one of the most important families in the world of cinema, The Coppolas. But when he started in the world of acting decided to change his last name to Cage, coinciding with that of his favorite Marvel Comics superhero Lukas Cage.

Angelina Jolie

Perhaps you did not know the origin of Angelina Jolie. Daughter of actors (Marcheline Bertrand and Jon Voight), Jolie she did not want to be recognized by her father’s last name. That was how she decided to continue in the world of acting with a stage name.

Other nepo babies

These celebrities are not the only ones named under this label, the actress also belongs to this circle Zoë Kravitzdaughter of the musician Lenny Kravitzthe actress of stranger things Maya Hawkedaughter of the mythical Uma Thurman and Ethan Hawke and the star of Emily in Paris Lily Collinssinger-songwriter’s daughter Phil Collin.

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