What are the best virtual wallets to start investing in cryptocurrencies?

5 digital wallets for cryptocurrencies:



The Coinbase virtual wallet is one of the safest digital storage options for cryptocurrencies. Despite being a mobile app, Coinbase Wallet offers a level of security very similar to that of hardware wallets.

It is one of the most recommended options for its practicality, whether it is to be used only for protection or to move money when making investments.



It is a special virtual wallet for Bitcoin. It is intuitive, easy to use and has Lightning Network which will optimize scalability. It is like “a second layer” that allows you to carry out transactions practically instantly and with lower commissions. Also has double factor authentication and is compatible with a physical walletbut not so with iOS.



This alternative is accepts an infinity of cryptocurrencies. Most wallets focus on bitcoin and the odd stablecoin, but here there is a much wider range.

It is an open source software that stores encrypted crypto assets locally on devices such as cell phones or PCs.

It works on a Smartphone, either with iOs or Android, and also on PCs with Windows, macOS and even Linux.

meta mask


It is the most used to carry out transactions with Ether, ERC-20 tokens and NFTs. It’s compatible with Binance Smart Chain and Polygon. It is also compatible with physical wallets such as ledger.

It is characterized by being an extension or plugin for web browsers that allows users to easily interact with the dApps (platforms in which members relate to each other) of the Ethereum blockchain. This is possible because MetaMask It acts as a bridge between dApps and web browsers, facilitating the use and enjoyment of them.


Bitcoin wallet.jpg

One of the forerunners in the wallet world. It is open source, so all changes and improvements are proposed by the developers who wish to contribute to the system. It also maintains a very high development activity. BitcoinCore, offers fairly high levels of security, privacy and stabilitybut it is mainly designed for advanced users.

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