What cars does Michelle Rodriguez drive in real life?

Michelle Rodríguez not only enjoys driving the best machines on the film set, in her real life we ​​also see her behind the wheel of impressive cars. Today in Tork, we will show you the models that stand out in the actress’s garage. Swipe and find out more!

Michelle Rodriguez He stands out for his work on both television and film. Some of his most distinguished roles were Ana Lucia in lost, Rain Ocampo in resident Evil and of course, Letty Ortiz in Fast and furious. We could consider the latter the one that gave him the most success and recognition.

Just as we see her drive the best cars in the action saga, in real life she also gets behind the wheel of incredible machines.. Today in Tork, we will show you the details of the vehicles in which we saw the actress:

1) Jaguar F-Type

Michelle Rodríguez broke her speed record on top of the Jaguar F-Type.

This British model had its appearance in Fast and furious Hosted by Deckard Shaw (Jason Statham), and we’ve seen the American drive one of them off set as well. The Jaguar F Type have a 5.0L V8 engine which provides a power of 575 hp. Also, the actress broke her own speed record by driving it at 323 km/h.

2) Mercedes-Benz G-Class

Michelle Rodríguez and her ex-girlfriend, Cara Delevingne, getting out of their Mercedes Benz.

Michelle Rodriguez drove this car mainly when she was out with her ex-girlfriend, model Cara Delevingne.. It is a G-Class, it has a 4.7L twin-turbocharged V8 engine and a power of 449 horsepower. In addition, it achieves an acceleration of 0 to 100 km/h in 5 seconds and runs up to a speed of 210km/h

3) Ferrari 488GT

Michelle Rodríguez ran in Las Vegas on top of the Ferrari 488 GTB.

The Ferrari 488 GTB was the protagonist of a race that took place in Las Vegas where the actress showed off and beat one of her competitors, a Porsche 991. She has a 4.5L V8 engine which provides a power of 562 horsepower.

Clearly, Michelle Rodríguez is a fan of adrenaline and speed just like her character Letty Ortiz. We do not rule out that it continues to surprise us with its fast machines.

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