what changes with the end of the state of emergency on March 31st

The state of emergency expires on 31 March and this time it will no longer be renewed: this is what the Government decided with the latest decree law on measures

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Some of the decisions taken by the Government with the decree law of 24 March which provides for the overcoming of the measures to combat the spread of the infection from Covid and the end of the state of emergency. The law provides for the gradual return to normality, with the elimination of all bans and restrictions still in force.

When the state of emergency ends and what changes

The main point, already described in the title of the decree law, is the end of the state of emergency, which was approved by the Council of Ministers on January 31, 2020.

The institute, which provides for the possibility for the Government to assume particular and substitutive powers of local authorities, had been decided by the Conte bis, and was extended several times by that executive and by the one led by Mario Draghi.

The state of emergency it will not be renewed and naturally expires on March 31, 2022. From this date not all measures that have been decided within this particular legal framework can be applied.

End of the state of emergency: what changes for the Green pass

The first change already takes place on 25 March 2022, the day the law decree comes into force, with an important change that affects the world of work.

All citizens, even those over 50, can show only from this date and until April 30th Basic green passobtained through the anti Covid vaccine, recovery from the disease or a negative swab, for access to the workplace.

On 1 April the obligation to show the Green pass for the services of catering outdoors and for the use of means of transport local or regional public.

What happens to the vaccination obligation without a state of emergency

Theobligation for healthcare professionals and employees of hospitals and RSAs to undergo the Covid vaccine.

The rules for the school: the management of positive cases

The rules for the school and the management of positive cases within institutions.

Kindergartens, elementary, middle and high schools

With up to four cases of Covid among pupils, activities continue in the presence but staff and children over 6 must use the Ffp2 bezels for 10 days from the last contact.

In case of appearance of the symptomson the fifth day following the last contact, a rapid anti-hygiene test, even at home, or molecular test must be carried out.

Isolation of positive pupils and students

From primary school pupils and positive students have the ability to follow school activity through the digital teaching integrated if in possession of medical certification. He was readmitted to class after a negative test.

Covid, via Green pass and masks from April: what changes with the end of the state of emergency on March 31

The obligation to show the Super Green pass at work is no longer required.

What changes on the mandatory use of masks

The obligation to wear the mask indoors remains, with the exception of private homes. From 1 April, surgical wear can also be worn inside the workplace.

Until April 30th, it remains the obligation to wear the mask Ffp2 for the following activities.

  • Means of transport.
  • Shows, even outdoors, and sports competitions.

Quarantine, isolation and self-monitoring regime

From 1 April it remains isolated at home only those who have contracted the virus. Close contacts with those who have contracted Covid apply the regime of self-monitoring.

That is, they must wear the Ffp2 mask for 10 days or swab on the fifth day if symptoms appear. Here are all the rules for those who contract Covid.

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