What did Angelina Jolie do with the women of the Selva Maya, in Mexico?

Angelina Jolie was a godmother to the first generation of women beekeepers in the Women for Bees program.

Angelina Jolie was a godmother to the first generation of women beekeepers in the Women for Bees program. (Photo: German Larkin for Guerlain)

A few weeks ago, Angelina Jolie was captured at the Cancun International Airport, in the company of her son Pax, now we know what caused such a mysterious visit. It turns out that the actress spent a few days in Akumalabout 20 minutes from Tulum, Quintana Roo, as part of her agenda as a Guerlain ambassador.

Angelina, was summoned by the house to start the program Women for Beeswhich in collaboration with the Unesco inaugurated this first phase of this multi-year conservation and training initiative with the Selva Maya Foundationwho have a commitment to protect the melipona bee, a native and endangered species in the Mayan jungle.

Angelina with the Mayan women of Akumal. (Photo: German Larkin for Guerlain)

Angelina, learn from women and bees

American actress, she was the godmother of the first generation of graduates who participated in the training for the production and conservation of the melipona bee. So he had the opportunity to meet them and learn from them.

During the meeting, Angelina wore white and flowing dresses, which provided her with great comfort, to withstand the high temperatures of the jungle; as well as to participate in activities, where she was sitting on the floor surrounded by children, while she listened carefully to the beekeepers, who taught her how to manage and care for native bees.

This was an opportunity to learn moreThe initiative Women for Bees of Guerlainis one of the small steps taken to find solutions,” said the actress, who is already used to being part of social programs.

Angelina Jolie, said that she found it inspiring to meet the Mayan women of this region, and above all the efforts they make to preserve the melipona bees. Well, as we know, this species are the balance of biodiversity in the world. The actress tasted the honey produced by the bees of the region and was surprised by its flavor, different from other honeys in the world.

An opportunity for Angelina Jolie to learn from the Mayan women. (Photo: German Larkin for Guerlain)

Projects for women that change lives

Worth noting the importance of these initiatives, since, through non-profit organizations and foundations, initiatives that empower women can be carried outas is the case of Women for Bees, that train women so that they can have their own colonies of bees -with the protocol for the preservation of the species-, and with the profits from production, help their families financially.

Since 2020 the project arose and the following year Angelina Jolie She joined as a brand ambassador.

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