What do Ana de Armas and Zendaya paint in Johnny Depp’s trial?

    The trial between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard continues and the truth is that we do not like how the internet is behaving towards it. Every movement of Amber Heard becomes the meat of memes, ridicule and fake news by Depp defenders who, in their toughest side, are quite scary. The message has been established that yes, all women who say they are victims of abuse must be believed, except if they are called Amber Heard. We have already said that it seems to us like a trial without winners and, although Depp has the favor of the public given his popularity, everything that is being said and demonstrated about the behavior of both, their violent reactions or their addictions, should not exactly improve the public and professional image of neither of them.

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    However, we must admit that the two biggest surprises of the trial have starred, directly or indirectly, Amber Heard. We already told you about the “poop in bed” episode, but this has more to do with a strategy of defending it. Just as Johnny Depp built an argument in the trial trying to reflect the economic and labor losses that Heard has caused him, she is trying to do her own thing. However, unlike Depp, whose career was naturally on the decline due to her age at the time of the scandal, Heard’s was beginning to shine. For this reason, her testimony was from Kathryn Arnold, a Hollywood consultant and producer, who went on to advocate how Depp’s accusations against Heard, and the hatred that this provoked against her in networks, has cut off her progression.

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    You just have to see the huge orchestrated campaign against the actress so that she is erased from Aquaman 2 to understand these accusations, which according to Heard will have made him lose about 45 million in future contracts and filming. However, the virality and the ridicule of the networks come from the height that Arnold pointed out in the comparisons.

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    The phrase that shocked the most was the one in which he compared Amber Heard with Zendaya. As she revealed spoilers for Aquaman 2 and said he doesn’t know who Patrick Wilson is, co-star of Aquaman, the actress argued that the comparison between Heard and Zendaya is justified. After all, one is “Aquaman’s girlfriend” and the other is “Spider-Man’s girlfriend”.

    In the industry she likes her job but they can’t work with her right now.

    The problem, which set Twitter on fire, was that they reduced Zendaya’s career to Spider-Man. Without a doubt, Marvel has been a passport to fame for the actress, but she already had a huge fan base since she was little, with her outstanding work on the Disney Channel and her musical singles. Not to mention the impact of it in the world of fashion. In addition, she undermined the credibility of comparing them due to similarities such as her age, when Zendaya is 11 years younger than Heard.

    For Arnold, however, Heard’s rise was cut short in 2020 when Depp’s lawyer, Adam Waldman, accused her of “cheating with abuse” in 2020. While Depp’s lawyers argued that Zendaya and other DC actors whose contracts went to coalition (Gal Gadot, for example), it was another risky comparison that took over the networks. If Zendaya was not worth it given her previous fame and her great age difference, it was the turn of a somewhat less deflected shot, Ana de Armas.

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    Arnold argued that the expected evolution for Heard in 2018 was expected to be similar to that experienced by Ana de Armas, at least since her small role in Blade Runner 2049. However, the Cuban actress managed to stand out in Villeneuve’s blockbuster in a role quite scarce, shone over an all-star cast in Daggers in the Back and took over No Time to Die in five minutes on the clock. They don’t seem comparable to Mera’s forgettable, incidental role in Aquaman. It is true that Heard, before 2018, had much better press, although much of it came from having one of the most beautiful faces according to science. Also that her career would surely have gone better without so much scandal and hatred. However, it became abundantly clear that these superlative comparisons were just an attempt to set the bar high for claims, but also fail to reflect the reality of Heard in the industry. In addition, Amber Heard and nobody forgives her for anything, but messing with Ana de Armas and Zendaya is a capital crime in networks.

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