What do El Salvador and Guatemala need to go to the Copa América 2024?

The Copa América 2024 will take place in the United States and will be attended by six invited teams. The great event, in addition to the 10 teams that make up CONMEBOL, will have six CONCACAF teams that will bring a different flavor to the competition.

Although up to now CONCACAF has not officially said how the teams that will go to the Copa América will be chosen, It is very likely that the six places will be awarded to the teams that make up League A of the 2023-24 CONCACAF Nations League. Everything would indicate that the winners of the first four groups of League A would qualify directly for the Copa América 2024.

The other two remaining tickets, in theory, would be fought for by the second places in the groups in League A. The outlook looks for the distribution of the six places for the Copa América 2024 to be carried out in this way, so Taking this into account, we present what the teams of Guatemala and El Salvador would need to qualify.

What do Guatemala and El Salvador need to be in the Copa América?

The Guatemalan soccer team it is currently in League B of the CONCACAF Nations League. First you need to promote to League A to aspire to fight for a ticket to the Copa América 2024. For their promotion to League A to be a reality, they must get the lead in League B and this will be achieved by beating Belize on March 24 and French Guiana on March 27, so there is no margin for error. Once they have been promoted to Liga A, they will have to fight for the top positions in their group.

In the case of The Savior, They are located in League A, so their mission is to stay in this category and fight for the lead or at least second place in their group. At the moment, La Selecta is in fact the leader with five points and is placed above the United States (4 units) and Granada (one point).

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