What do I see on the weekend? Princess Anne of The Crown has a leading role to suit her

Erin Doherty in Chloé. In recent years, the use of social networks and their consequences on the psyches of their most assiduous participants have inspired countless thoughtful academic analyzes and a few fictions that wanted to explore the effects of lives experienced through screens. This drama co-produced between Amazon and the BBC uses suspense and mystery to account for the harmful extremes that can be reached by someone who has social networks as the only means of communication with the world. “I like to decide how people see me,” says Becky, the central character of the series, to justify the complicated plot of lies and falsehoods that she elaborates to relate to Chloe’s group of friends, an old friend whom she followed obsessively. in networks. Becky’s many faces, her dismissive and contemptuous attitude at work, her complicated relationship with her sick mother, and the carefree mask she wears to approach people needed an actress up to the task and Doherty, known for your participation in The Crown, it measures up Just as in the fiction about the British royal family the young actress managed to stand out in an exceptional cast as Princess Anne, here she carries with ease the full weight of the narrative. A season. Available on Amazon Prime Video.

Jessica Biel in a scene from Candy
Jessica Biel in a scene from Candy

Jessica Biel in Candy. In the midst of the cataract of series inspired by real-life crimes, it is easy for the stories to start to get confused and their plots to mix with each other. Nevertheless, Candy is distinguished from the accumulation of stories of murders between sinister and bizarre thanks to its protagonist: Jessica Biel. The actress who started her career as a child star in the series 7th Heaven and that in recent years stood out in the series The Sinner -which she also produced- transforms into the Candy of the title, a loving and devoted Texan mother who finds herself at the center of a bloody murder investigation. Set in the early 1980s, the five-episode miniseries does an exceptional job of setting the stage for suburban life that is as pedestrian as it is likely to explode into a thousand pieces. Biel manages to avoid the caricature that her character’s old-fashioned look might have provoked, and achieves a creature as nuanced as it is human. A season. Available in Star+.

Jane Seymour is Detective Harry Wild
Jane Seymour is Detective Harry Wild Allen Keily/Acorn TV

Jane Seymour in harry wild. Curious, impulsive, impatient and intrepid, literature teacher Harriet “Harry” Wild decided to retire even though her temperament does not seem to indicate that she is willing to live in peace. While her son, a police inspector, suggests that she knit, take a cruise or get a cat, she prefers to drink at her favorite bar and investigate a couple of crimes that catch her attention. Portrayed by Jane Seymour, Harry is the newest member of the cast of amateur but brilliant detectives that are so popular in British literature and TV. In this case, the action takes place in Ireland and the clumsy policemen who move too slowly for the protagonist’s taste are commanded by her son, a twist that refreshes the well-known format. Finding that her extensive literary knowledge and good instincts make her a canny investigator, Harry begins a new life, away from the knitting needles and closer to the gun. tasers which he uses to defend himself from a petty thief whom he will end up adopting as his assistant. A season. Available on Acorn TV.

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