What do I see on the weekend? Three police series to discover, set in Hollywood, Norway and Galicia

Angelyne. In 1981, or maybe 1982, huge billboards appeared in Los Angeles advertising one word: “Angelyne.” The photograph evoked that of Anita Ekberg in Boccaccio 70: a platinum blonde arranged in a gigantography as a mere promise, as a seductive appearance. The figure of Angelyne, also blonde and tempting, is the enigma of the miniseries that bears her name, just as Anita’s body was for the puritanical doctor Antonio in that medium-length film by Federico Fellini. Who really is that famous just for being famous?

Angelyne (Universal+).
Angelyne (Universal+).Peacock – Episode

With the aesthetics of false documentaries in the style This Is Spinal Tap (contradictory interviews, doctored files), creators Allison Miller and Nancy Oliver explore the origins of Angelyne’s fame (an unrecognizable Emmy Rossum), a dazzling presence on the city streets, with her pose of pin up girl and her pink Corvette. Questions about the billboards and the germ of the character prompt Hollywood Reporter journalist Jeff Glazer (Alex Karpovsky) to track down his first appearance as the singer of the band Baby Blue in the late 1970s. But what is the truth? And what lies in that story told in multiple voices?

The miniseries exploits the humor of the mockumentary while reflecting on the essence of fame around Angelyne, in which the boundaries between person and character have become invisible. Emmy Rossum dresses the character with echoes of Marilyn Monroe, 80’s pop, the absurdity of celebrities like Paris Hilton or the Kardashians, as an amalgamation of all the iconography of American culture. Woman, icon, impostor, Angelyne is ultimately what she has wanted to be. A season. Available in Universal+.

Missing in Lørenskog (Netflix).
Missing in Lørenskog (Netflix).

Missing in Lørenskog. This new Norwegian miniseries brings the tradition of scandinavian to the urban scene and to the investigation of a strange disappearance. One of the richest men in Norway denounces the absence of his wife and the delivery of a ransom note. The kidnappers demand to keep the police out of the case, just as they demand absolute discretion with the media. These strict conditions push investigator Jorunn Lakke (Yngvild Støen Grotmol) into a secret process, conducted in the utmost secrecy. In addition, the millionaire ransom is demanded in a cryptocurrency that is impossible to trace and the communication channels with the kidnappers are uncertain and take a long time. What is really behind the mysterious disappearance of Lisbeth?

Based on a real case that occurred in 2018, the miniseries has the usual ingredients of the genre: the investigator with personal problems (her father has Alzheimer’s and constantly calls her out; there is an accident in her past that is updated in the investigation), the icy scenarios of the Nordic region, crime as emerging from an internal crisis. But the distinction lies in its peculiar construction through different points of view (first that of the researchers, then that of the journalists, and so on the twists and turns) that offer episode after episode one more piece in that intricate puzzle. A season. Available on Netflix.

A private matter (Amazon Prime Video).
A private matter (Amazon Prime Video).

a private matter. Intended as a period detective comedy, closer to the style Enola Holmes that to the traditional origins of the literature of the enigma, a private matter presents the intrepid Marina Quiroga (Aura Garrido) at the tribute party for her brother Arturo, appointed Vigo police commissioner and heir to his father’s police prestige. Marina barely shows up at the celebration and immediately runs away to pursue her true interests: to become a detective behind the conservatism of the police force that keeps her out of it for the mere fact of being a woman.

In this game of cat and mouse with a mysterious port murderer, Marina joins forces with her butler Héctor (Jean Reno) to continue the investigation through this city full of shadows, in which she must avoid the eyes of the police and the matchmaking councils of his mother Asuncion (Angela Molina). Created by Ramón Campos, Teresa Fernández Valdés and Gema R. Neira (responsible for grand hotel, Velvet, the wire girls and others from the Spanish firm Bambú), a private matter takes up the spirit of its predecessors with a little more production and the restless charm of the Garrido-Reno duo as the Sherlock and the Watson of that imaginary Spain. A season. Available on Amazon Prime Video.

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