What does Gerardo Martino’s report contain after the failure of El Tri? Halftime


After the failure of the Mexican team in it Qatar World Cup 2022 -eliminated in the Group Phase-, Gerardo Martinotoday former coach of the Aztec team, drew some conclusions from what happened during his management to make the report that it will deliver to the managers, in order to serve as an aid to the process towards the 2026 World Cupjoust that will be played jointly in United States, Mexico and Canada.

Halftime was able to know the details of the report that will be delivered by the Tata Martino to the directors of the Mexican Soccer Federationso that they in turn take them into account for the coming process and help to have a more competitive Tri.

It should be mentioned that although the results in the last year of the process and during the World Cup they did not accompany Tatathe Argentine had a positive balance in terms of his effectiveness on the Mexican bench and also became the coach who debuted the most playersso his report is of high value for Mexican soccer.

What does the report that Tata Martino will deliver to the FMF contain?

Greater competition for the Selection

In the first conclusion of Martino is the fact that the Mexican team You must get out of your comfort zone, that is, reduce or eliminate friendly matches in the United States against selections ‘B’ or ‘C’ that do not generate any competition and demand for the Tricolor.

Within this point it is also established make games outside the american unionwith different environments as happened in the pandemic where they played against European teams and other confederations, but in net neutral territory.

Export of players to foreign soccer

In the understanding that the best football competitions are in Europethe Tata Martino calls on managers to make it easier to go to the Old continent to Mexican players, regardless of the team or league they are going to play for.

At the same point he states that the mexican players they must do their part to be able to go out and have the best preparation for their career, forgetting about comfort What is in Mexican football?

Greater opportunity for Mexicans

In the three years that he was Martino in front of the Mexican team detected that in the equipment of the MX League Little opportunity is given to Mexican players, and he saw how generations of good soccer players were lost, as happened with the U17 who was runner-up in the world in the Brazil World Cup 2019of which only Emilio Lara and Victor GuzmorenoThey have continuity in the First Division.

Here he also kept the request he made in 2019 to the owners of the teams, which is reduce the number of foreign players in the clubs, in order to give young people a greater opportunity.

In the report he also establishes some of the reasons why he made most of the decisions before and during the Qatar World Cup 2022so that the people of the Mexican Federation understand a little more what happened in the joust where the Tri failed to advance to the Round of 16.

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