What does it mean to dream about your ex frequently, according to science?

In panorama we know that the dreams have important meanings that reveal to us many emotions or desires so we tell you what it means dream about your ex frequently, according to science. Remember that our nightly thoughts are a reflection of the unconscious!

Yes during the last few weeks your ex has been present in your rest day do not be scared, this is not synonymous with wanting to return with him.

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Why do I dream about my ex?

According to studies carried out by Harvard University, having some of your previous partners present can mean emotionalitya good memory or something traumaticfor this reason we present specific situations for which this happens:

  • Problems with your current love

If lately your relationship is not going as you expected, that can cause you to miss good things from your past relationshipsso try to fix things to avoid these dreams.

Why do I dream about my ex? Photo: Archive

You have lost the meaning of your dreams, work and daily dynamics, so you remember the person that stimulated your emotions and it made you feel better.

  • Met someone who looks like your ex

Perhaps life has led you to meet a person who remember an old love and that has reminded you of moments next to this important person.

You, what do you think causes having dreams with an ex?, Has it happened to you?

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