What does the arrival of a striker for the Clausura 2023 depend on?

Cruz Azul would still be looking for a striker for the Clausura 2023, however, the condition for him to achieve the signing seems quite complicated.

The supposed signing of Radamel Falcao could be left alone in another rumor for Cruz Azul.
© ImagoThe supposed signing of Radamel Falcao could be left alone in another rumor for Cruz Azul.

The possible signing of Luis Suárez ignited the illusion in the cement environment for finally being able to count on a top scorerso even though could not materialize upon arrival of the Uruguayan crackthe fans maintained the hope to see reach a striker with conditions similar to Cruz Azul for the Clausura 2023.

However, before the Current panorama in La Noriathe reality is that it could no one else arrives in the attack, well The signing of a scorer to La Máquina would depend on a movement in the current squad which, to this day, looks almost impossible to happen: the exit of one of the strikers that the club has registered.

It was the coach himself Raul Gutierrezin an exclusive interview for Vamos Azul, who revealed that Cruz Azul had contemplated a scenario and in the end a very different one occurredwell, input They hoped to find accommodation for Iván Morales in another team and there was also expectations for the departure of Michael Estrada after his participation in the Qatar World Cup 2022; so the own coach would have already resigned to rely only on the items you currently have.

Cruz Azul has registered 6 forwards for the Clausura 2023

Nevertheless, Neither of the two previous situations could be specified and it glimpses almost impossible what can happen some other movement, so for him Clausura 2023 La Máquina would have six forwards in its squad: Iván Morales, Michael Estrada, G.Onzalo Carneiro, Uriel Antuna and the recent Argentine signings Ramiro Carrera and Augusto Lotti.

And it is that, it must be remembered that although it does not usually perform as such, the Sorcerer is registered as a strikerso after falling his pass to Europe I would continue to be part of this payrollfurther, Cruz Azul surprised by registering Ramiro Carrera in this position, where it was only expected Augusto Lottiwho did arrive with the battering letter of introduction.

Could Radamel Falcao reach Cruz Azul?

As if that were not enough, five of the sky-blue strikers are foreignwith which The Machine also registers occupied the 10 untrained places in Mexico (NFM). In this way, the supposed signing of Radamel Falcao could stay just one more rumorcoupled with the fact that Colombian has a current contract with Rayo Vallecano and in the ferris wheel they would have to pay a release clause to get their letter.

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