What does the green and orange dot mean on the iPhone?

Apple in its desire to improve the privacy of its customers, since iOS 14 a series of functions have been implemented that inform users of the use of the camera and microphone. These are represented by small dots at the top of the interface that may have confused you for not knowing their function.

It should be mentioned that they are Relevant elements to take care of the privacy and security of information that is managed on iPhone devices knows what it is about here.

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What does the colored dot mean on the iPhone?

This little point of green color is there to tell you that the app you are using is accessing the camera or microphone. There are apps that need this access to work properly, but there are others that don’t, and that’s why this indicator will help you control these apps.

The green led that appears at the top of the iPhone means that the app you have open is accessing the camera or microphone, even if the camera does not necessarily appear on the screen. When you exit the app, if you swipe the control center down, you’ll see which app specifically accessed these features.


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What does the orange dot on the iPhone mean?

The orange led dot that appears on the iPhone in the upper area indicates that an app is accessing the microphone. That is, if you have sent an audio message on WhatsApp or are calling, you will see this small orange dot above. If you swipe the Control Center, you will see which app has accessed the microphone.iphone

Should we take importance to these points of color?

Close attention should always be paid to these indicator lights as these They will help you identify if any application is abusing permissions without authorization or, even, if some intrusion generates that behavior.

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