What does the tourist visa to the United States cost now for 2023 and these are the requirements. How do you get the appointment?

With the beginning of 2023, prices have risen, both in the family basket and in hundreds of other items, documents, living costs, among others. And given the doubts about the increases in the values ​​in the visa processes, the Embassy of the United States in Colombia clarified the situation through its social networks.

Well, in one of his videos, a spokesman for the embassy made it clear that despite the rumors, or the increase in other documents, the diplomatic organization had maintained the prices of the tourist visa for the United States, this being the only money that applicants to the process had to pay in order to obtain the benefit.

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The price of the B1 and B2 tourist visa has not increased. However, this value does vary in Colombian pesos depending on the current exchange rate. In addition to this value, you should not make any other payment, ”said Rubén, an embassy spokesman through the Instagram account.

The official stressed that the prices were maintained for type B1 and B2 tourist visas, which are those that must be requested by non-immigrants who only seek to visit the North American country, for a period of no more than six months. This procedure is currently at 160 dollars, which is equivalent to about 794,428 Colombian pesos, but this last value may vary depending on the behavior of the dollar.

“For business reasons (B1), which includes attending professional meetings or conferences, leisure travel, including vacations or visits to relatives or medical treatment (B2), or a combination of both purposes (B1/B2) during a period of up to six months”, indicated the embassy about the reasons that lead to giving a type B life.

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Regarding the waiting times for the procedures of this type of visa, The embassy stressed that although there is an average of 880 days; that is, about two years. This time can be shortened depending on the internal operation of the diplomatic entity.

Among the requirements for visa approval the passport application stands out to identify the trips made by citizens abroadand the interview with the consular officer, a step that some fear because of the taboos that exist around it.

About the interview, The Embassy of the United States informs that visitors can only enter it with the necessary documents for the application, in addition to undergoing a security review.

“All visitors to the US Embassy in Colombia must follow certain security procedures. Any visitor who refuses to be searched by US Embassy security personnel will not be allowed to enter the embassy. Applicants will not be allowed to enter the building with anything other than the documents required for their visa application. If you leave items in your car, please leave them insured and do not leave any personal items in plain sight,” he says in a guide shared on his website.

Regarding the interview, those who know the subject share express recommendations to have a good intervention at the embassy:

one. Arrive at least 30 minutes before the appointment.

2. The entry of technological objects such as cell phones, tablets, USB, among others, is not allowed. live usa It also states that “lighters, food, drinks and objects that can be used as weapons are prohibited.”

3. Although everyone is free to dress as they see fit, there are cases in which the first impression counts. Therefore, experts advise wearing neutral clothing, but without going to extremes of formality.

4. Greet and speak in Spanish, since the consulates do the interview in this language.

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