What does the Year of the Rabbit hold for us?

(CNN) — Say goodbye to the Tiger; it’s time to jump into the Year of the Rabbit.

For many people, Lunar New Year, which falls on January 22 of this year, is a time to consult the stars to see what lies ahead in the coming months.

Most people know the basics: the 12-year Chinese zodiac calendar cycle is represented by 12 different animals, the Chinese zodiac signs. Your zodiac animal is determined by your year of birth.

But that’s just the beginning. For the faithful followers of the system, a year is not classified only by its animal. There is also a complex sexagenary cycle made up of 10 heavenly stems and 12 earthly branches.

This is how Chinese New Year is lived in Latin America 6:23

Heavenly stems and earthly branches

Every year, a heavenly stem (one of the five elements, which fall into the yin or yang category) is paired with an earthly branch (one of the 12 animals of the Chinese zodiac).

Gui Mao is the 40th element of the Chinese sexagenary cycle: the Heavenly Stem “Gui” represents water, while the earthly branch “Mao” represents the Rabbit. That makes 2023 the Year of the Water Rabbit.

“The Gui Mao Year of the Rabbit is quite a special year, when all the elements in a year are yin,” says Thierry Chow, a Hong Kong-based geomancy consultant known for combining traditional Chinese geomancy with modern design elements.

“It is also rare to have the combination of water and rabbit. The rabbit represents wood. Water nourishes wood (according to Chinese geomancy).”

Chow says wood-based industries such as culture, publishing, agriculture and furniture would benefit. Fire industries, on the other hand, including digital and tech companies, may suffer as fire is afraid of water.

“The Year of the Water Rabbit is going to be a milder year. We’ll have time to take a breather. We’ve been in the tunnel for the past few years, and the light is getting bigger now,” Chow says.

How the “Grand Duke of Jupiter” Rules Your Luck

Followers believe that for each Chinese zodiac sign, luck will largely depend on the positions of Tai Sui, the stellar deities believed to rotate parallel to and opposite to Jupiter.

To calculate how each person will be affected in a particular year, a Chinese geomancy consultant will look at each person’s natal chart, which is made up of a wide range of elements—such as the day and time of their birth—to see how You can interact with the elements of the year.

These combinations play an important role for those who follow them, helping them make important life decisions for the coming year, such as whether to get married or start a business.

Different geomancy teachers may interpret the data differently. Still, there is a general consensus on what the year means for each zodiac animal based on the positions of the stars, especially Tai Sui.

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If your zodiac sign clashes with Tai Sui, also known as the Grand Duke of Jupiter, in any particular year, experts say you could find yourself dealing with interruptions.

For those who may be in conflict with Tai Sui this year, Chow says to remember that the calendar is a rotating cycle.

“It’s like playing musical chairs: whoever sits on the spot gets Tai Sui. You’ll switch positions in the next round,” says Chow, whose zodiac sign will also be in an unfavorable position with Tai Sui this year.

To resolve clashes, one could go to a Chinese temple and make offerings to Tai Sui performances.

“Even if you don’t 100% believe it, I feel like psychologically it gives you a good start to the year,” says Chow. “When things happen along the way, you’ll remember you did that, and it’ll give you a little cushion.”

Now, it’s time to be specific.

To determine what the Year of the Rabbit could mean for you, look up your year of birth and corresponding animal here before reading Chow’s predictions below.


People born in the Year of the Rabbit will face their “Ben Ming Nian” — their own zodiacal year — in 2023. Followers believe that there will be more disruption and instability in the coming year as a result.

“People born in the year of the Rabbit have to expect big changes in terms of health, career and relationships. It could be a bit stressful, especially for those whose birth charts don’t favor water,” says Chow.

“But remember that it’s never all bad. It can mean an opportunity to grow.”

Rabbits should try to attract positive energy and join happy events when possible.

They must also travel to destinations in the south, regardless of whether these southern destinations are within their city or outside their country, Chow says.


It’s set to be a pretty good year for the Dragons. No unlucky star affects your year.

“There are no outstanding concerns, except maybe the health of those born in the summer and fall. They could get stressed easily,” says Chow.

But the geomancy expert urges Dragons not to make rash decisions at work.

“It doesn’t mean overthinking. Just let things sit longer before making a decision,” says Chow.

Single Dragons could meet potential romantic partners this year. Your lucky colors are metallic, like gold or silver.

As for travel, head west for better fortunes, says Chow.


People born in the years of the Snake will enjoy good news and abundance as the travel star Yi Ma Xing and the fortune star Cai Xing will reign over them this year.

“Opportunities, new directions, and advancements at work will come your way,” Chow says. “But snakes need to find balance in life and take a break when necessary.”

Romantically, Snakes can find love on the go this year. Chow advises them to wear blue or gold and travel west or north.


“This year, the horses will have the peach blossom star (Taohua Xing) shining on them. That’s always good news,” says Chow.

Professionally, they will find new opportunities and meet many tutors who will help them.

They will enjoy good relationships. She says that this could be the right year for those who want to get engaged or married.

But Chow issues a reminder to horses: Pay attention to your family’s physical and mental health.

“They can wear colorful clothes like pink, orange, and a bit of yellow. As for traveling, they can head south,” Chow says.


This year, the goats will greet Tai Sui.

It is usually a positive influence on your luck, but at the same time, it could also mean that the year will be exhausting as well. That is why goats need to take care of themselves and rest when necessary.

“Save some time to get to know yourself better. Career-wise, you should stay humble and keep a low profile. Observe more. Opportunities will present themselves at the right time,” says Chow.

On the relationship front, people born in Goat years will enjoy a quiet year.

“You’re more likely to meet new people, new friends, and even new love this year,” Chow says, adding that a little gold and a visit to the west could boost your luck.


Good news for the Monkeys: they will be in harmonious union with Tai Sui this year.

Chow says they will be showered with admiration from those around them at work.

But that doesn’t mean you should live recklessly. Instead, says the geomancer, “they should play it safe this year, especially those who love extreme sports.”

When it comes to relationships, they are prone to arguments and drama, which could be avoided by improving communication this year.

Yellow and beige are the color palette for the overalls in 2023, and they might look to the west for travel inspiration, says Chow.


The Roosters need to get ready: They’re going up against Tai Sui this year, which means the next few months could be rocky and feature a lot of change.

Chow’s advice: Embrace the chaos and travel more.

“Gather up as much positive energy as you can and be more aware that it may be easier to attract conflict this year,” she says. “But understand that these changes are for the better.”

To soften the blow, they could dress more in yellow and brown and visit places in the west or north.

See how they welcomed the New Year in various parts of the world 1:51


Being in union with Tai Sui, people born under the sign of the Dog are likely to enjoy a pleasant year with significant advances in their career and finances.

But dogs need to remind themselves to be humble and listen to others, especially friends and people they trust, Chow says. They will tell you important things that will benefit you a lot this year.

“Her lucky colors are silver and blue, and her lucky spot is north,” says Chow.


Pigs will greet Tai Sui, which means that overall it should be a positive year.

But on the other hand, greeting Tai Sui could also affect health due to the extra workload.

“You have to balance your work and play time equally,” says Chow.

People born during the Pig years can enjoy professional success if they are willing to focus on teamwork.

“In terms of relationships, it will be a very good year for you. You will meet new friends and a possible new love,” says Chow.

To increase fortune, the pigs could wear pink and purple more often and plan a trip south, he adds.


People born in the Rat years will be in conflict with Tai Sui, also known as Xing (torture) Tai Sui, next year.

“Overall, it means a tougher year,” Chow says. “But when there’s yin, there’s always yang, too. So remember, it’s never really all bad.”

Rats need to be more careful about health and work. They could be prone to minor injuries and miscommunication this year.

Chow urges them to wear bright colors, like pink and orange, and visit warmer places.


The oxen will enjoy an exciting year with the star of the journey and the star of fortune shining on them.

“They will find new opportunities and their finances will reach a new level. They will probably travel more for work and personal reasons. But because they travel and work more, they need to be aware of their health,” says Chow.

Those who are single and looking for love may have some luck this year.

In the meantime, when choosing a travel destination, they could travel north, Chow says.


For those born in the Tiger years, their “Ben Ming Nian” has ended.

“That means that whatever hard times and instabilities they’re experiencing, things will get better soon,” Chow says. “But patience is key because the changes will not be immediate.”

Tigers, especially those born in the spring and summer, should take time to recover in the first half of the year and only make major decisions in the second half of the year, she says.

They should take it easy in relationships and “save themselves a little time.”

Using yellow, blue and brown could liven them up. They could also travel north and west, Chow concludes.

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