What games can we expect in 2023?

This 2022 has been, in my opinion, excellent for pokemon. pocket monster franchise closed 2021 with an unambitious remake from “Pokémon Diamond and Pearl”. With the new year, so much came to us “Pokemon Legends: Arceus” What “Pokemon Scarlet and Purple“, two great titles that have made the franchise shine (although the technical section, especially the second, could be improved).

So, after a pretty good 2022, with the arrival of 2023 it is time to ask yourself: What new Pokémon games can we enjoy this year? I will try to resolve these doubts below, although I already anticipate that you will find theories more than certainties about what they are going to bring us pocket monsters.

What Pokémon games will be released in 2023?

This is what I think:

To begin with, I want to make it clear that soon to give a clear answer to this question.

  • surely to end of Februaryon the occasion of Pokémon Day, let’s have a Pokémon Presents in which we will clearly see the plans of the franchise for this year. ⏳
  • Despite this, There are things that I think can be clear (later I will not hit anything, but good). 😅
  • First of all, it is very likely that in 2023 we will receive the Pokémon Scarlet and Purple Expansion Pass. ❤️
  • What could these be about? There are rumors pointing to the Kalos regionalthough personally I see very unlikely let this be so. ❌
  • Surely something in the style of Sword and Shield will come to us: some new area to explore with new Pokémon and a little story. Could Mencía’s parents come into play? ✅
Pokemon Scarlet and Purple
Where could the Pokémon Scarlet and Purple Expansion Pass take us?
  • Leaving Scarlet and Purple aside, it’s time to talk about franchise spin-offs. ❗️
  • Because, if 2022 will go down in history for bringing us 2 games from the main saga, it will also go down in history for not having released not a single one of these games away from the main branch. ❌
  • For this reason, it seems to me highly likely that this 2023 we will get at least one spin-off. ⭐️
  • Which will be? Here things get a little more complicated. What I see most feasible is a “pokemon mysterious world”, and I think the return of sagas like “Pokémon Ranger” (although it hurts) and “PokéPark” is very unlikely. ❓
  • It could also be that the franchise will introduce us to a totally new idea. ⚡️
  • Personally, I would love a game like “Pokémon Masters EX” for Nintendo Switch. If they do some kind of fusion between this and “Pokémon Battle Revolution” we could be facing a masterpiece. ❤️
Pokemon Masters EX
My big dream is a game that combines the battles of Battle Revolution with the cast of characters from Masters EX

And here comes this little article, in which I talk about what Pokémon could bring us during this 2023. Do you agree with my theories? Do you have a different opinion? I invite you to let’s talk about it in the comments.

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