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Journalist Pamela Cerdera considers the case of Luis Rubiales, president of the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF), who jennifer hermoso kissed on the mouthSpanish football players celebrate the final women’s soccer world cup, and assured that what happened was “not surprising”, but was an example that “the system” is “breaking down”.

“to come out (rubial) To say that she agreed, that it was a consensual kiss, is not surprising, it is arranged. After all the criticism, his saying that he was the victim and has apologized for the context, not the fact, is not surprising, it is the system.

Pamela Cerdera, journalist

However, Sardinia highlights the difference between what is currently happening Case of Rubiales and Hermosodespite what she says “System”. Because, he says, 10 or 15 years ago the public reaction would have been different.

“If this had happened 10-15 years ago, for sure the media would have said things like: ‘Well, look, it’s just that they meet like this, she asked for it, look how he hugs her. applies, comes to him, who says the girl doesn’t want it, look how lucky she is. It would have been totally different.”

Pamela Cerdera, journalist

Instead, says Pamela Cerdera, the fact that “Jenny Hermoso has come forward today to say that this was not agreed upon, that her colleagues support her and other public voices, Women and men, stay by your sidesample is “The ‘System’ But, Is Cracking Down”.

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