What happened to Oscar Valdez? This is how he seeks to resurface against Shakur Stevenson

In just two fights, Oscar Valdez (Nogales, December 22, 1990) went from touching the sky to being one of the most questioned Mexican boxers in recent times, due to a doping substance that not only marked him, but also the team that accompanies him, especially Eddy Reynosowho was remembered again for Saúl “Canelo” Álvarez’s positive for clenbuterol in 2018.

One week after his confrontation against Robson Conceicao on September 10, 2021, the presence in Valdez’s body of the substance phentermine was revealed, a stimulant of the central nervous system that not only put the fight at risk, but also could generate a greater punishment, something that finally did not happen, but that seriously affected the WBC super featherweight championwho will now try to wash that image in his meeting before Shakur Stevenson of April 30.

A poor performance and the desire for revenge

That night of the fight against Conceicao all those fears surfaced in Valdezwho would end with a controversial victory over the Brazilian, who in the end assured that he had won, but that the “corrupt judges” denied him the result.

“I don’t want you to interpret it as an excuse, I know I didn’t feel 100 percent that night, it was something very new for me to be accused of something that is not real, because I have not been a cheating fighter; even if any boxer tests positive I am the first to say that they take away his title or withdraw him from boxingbecause you can’t do that.

Hearing that they discredit you did give me down, more because of people who were supposedly on my side and turned on me; I’m new to that, you get into social networks and you hear so much criticism, so much hate and it affected me at the time of the fight”, Valdez explained in an interview with halftime.

In that cascade of criticism, other of those affected They were Reynoso and Canelo Álvarezwho were reminded from various fronts of the positive for clenbuterol consumption, which led the coach to go out and defend himself and ensure that I was unaware of the substances discussedsomething that filled Valdez with sorrow.

“It is one of the things that most went through my mind; I felt ashamed when I went out on the streetsI felt that everyone was pointing the finger at me and I felt sorry for the team, because they have been criticized for a history. People decide to believe if it is that or not with Canelo. As for mine, it was just a mistake”, pointed out the boxer.

Shakur Stevenson tried his patience

Regarding the fight against Stevenson this Saturday at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Valdez will be faced with the opportunity to wash his imageto be confirmed as the best in the super featherweights (whoever wins will keep the WBC and WBO titles), in addition to being able to shut up a fighter who He also made fun of his doping and Canelo Álvarez.

“He already has a good time saying that I turn him around, that I am afraid of him, but that is not the case; so, everyone has their limit and I’m already. The fight between Shakur and me will be like a game of chess, in which whoever makes the mistake goes out. It will be a very interesting fight. I’m just going to do what I’ve always done,” added Valdez, who will arrive with an undefeated 30 fights and 23 knockouts.

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