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Actor Adam Sandler has been spotted Walking the streets from Los Angeles, specifically this weekend in Pacific Palisades, accompanied by his wife and a walking stickwhich you use for lean to walk after undergoing surgery hip.

The comedian also went through the operating room a few weeks ago Labor Day is approaching in the United States, so it is recovering and for its mobility it has opted for this object in the right hand.

In accordance with TMZ, Sandler would be recovered to start his next comedy tour at the end of October. According to sources, it was not an emergency operation or an improvised injury, but the actor took advantage of his free time between projects to program the intervention.

Adam Sandler is injured in ‘Hustle’

Although the cause behind the injury has not been specified, a few months ago Sandler said that during the recordings of his latest project titled hustlewhich he produced with Happy Madison Productions, with a cast that included Queen Latifah, Ben Foster and Robert Duvall, injured his groin.

The 56-year-old comedian had problems on set, according to reports Entertainment Tonight. According to the information, everything happened at practice basketball as he plays a Philadelphia scout who dreams of being an NBA coach. After playing this sport with other actors, he began to limp after breaking the muscle.

Among his projects is the film Spaceman and the sequel to murder mystery with Jennifer Aniston as part of the agreement of your producer with the Netflix streaming platform.

Another accident happened to him in a hotel, since he showed in a television program a bruise under your eye after hitting himself in the face with his mobile phone.

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