What happened to the actors of Hannah Montana?

It’s time for the nostalgia minute: do you remember the one and only Hannah Montana? Played by Miley Cyrus, this teenage pop star was the main character of an eponymous Disney Channel series, and beware, it’s getting old… The final episode was broadcast in France on January 23, 2011. Yes, yes.

Hannah Montana Icon

Hannah Montana, is the story of a perfectly normal young high school girl, Miley Stewart, who dreams of becoming a pop star. So with the help of his father – played by the real father of Miley Cyrus, Billy Ray Cyrus, in life – and her brother Jackson, Miley will don a blonde wig. This is how Hannah Montana was born. She can also count on the discretion of her best friend, Lilly, to carry out her double life.

The Disney series was so successful around the world that a film was released in 2009, telling the story of Miley Stewart’s vacation on her grandmother’s farm in the depths of Texas. Concerts during which Miley Cyrus played Hannah Montana have even been scheduled. Over the years, Hannah Montana has become an icon thanks to her humor, her style, and also her cult songs. We can still hear ourselves singing The Best of Both World at the top of our voices. But if we know that Miley Cyrus continued her career as an actress and singer, much like her father Billy Ray Cyrus, what happened to the actors of Hannah Montana?

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