What Happened To The Actors Of “Hannah Montana”

A young teenager who leads a double life: by day Miley Stewart (Miley Cyrus) is an ordinary high school student and by night a famous singer known as Hannah Montana. She hides her identity from her audience as well as some of her relatives and friends with a long blonde wig. Here is the scenario that conquered an entire generation. Better still, the life of Miley Stewart made millions of young people dream, who in turn wanted to live in Malibu, to have a super top secret dressing room filled with the most stylish outfits and friends to rely on.

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A global phenomenon

For four seasons, from 2006 to 2010, we carefully follow the adventures of our heroine until that great moment when she finally decides to reveal who she really is to the whole world. The success is such that in parallel with the series, Miley Cyrus puts on Hannah Montana’s wig in reality during a tour where she sings the show’s soundtrack and her own songs. The concert will be filmed and sold on DVD. In 2009, “Hannah Montana, the film” was also released at the cinema. In the feature film, we follow Miley Stewart who, exhausted by her popularity, comes to recharge her batteries in her hometown.

Even today, the “Hannah Montana” phenomenon persists. The fans of the first hour have surely not forgotten the songs and certain mythical episodes. It is also possible to watch the entire series and the film on Disney +.

Twelve years after the end of the show, what have become of the actors today? What are they doing ? The answer in images.

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