What Happened To The Cast Of ‘Camp Rock’? This is how Demi Lovato, Joe Jonas and others have transformed

He arrived in Spain on 20 June 2008 camp Rock, This film did not pass through cinemas and was broadcast live disney channel: The Mouse Company’s cable television bet on its own production since 1983, when it premiered the telefilm tiger town,

Since then, the Disney Channel had become a subsidiary of the great animation studio, where projects that were not meant to play in professional film leagues were shelved. it changed in 2006 high school musicalyouth phenomenon that popularized Zac Efron already Vanessa Hudgens, Next year, Disney Channel will produce a sequel of this story, which is still Most viewed title of the series.

Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens in ‘High School Musical 3’

camp Rock followed in view of high school musical 2with whom he shares the stage Wizards of Waverly Place: Caribbean VacationE, one of the most successful titles on Disney Channel. Released in 2008, the film was seen by nearly nine million viewers and was followed by a sequel, Camp Rock 2: Last Jam,

Fifteen years later, some of the young protagonists of this telefilm are world-renowned actors and musicians. Others, not so much. What happened to them?

Demi Lovato was Mitchie Torres

The actress who played the newcomer in Sangeet Camp, Demi LovatoHe will be thirty one next month. after camp RockAnd before its sequel, Lovato was seen in another Disney Channel movie, Princess Protection Program,

From here on, her forays into the world of small and big screen are limited to appearing in episodes of small screen and series. grey’s anatomy, for which he won a People’s Choice Award for Best Guest Artist on Television. Disney Princesses Served as Jury x factor usaFocusing on his musical side: In 2022, he released his latest album, Holy Fvck,

Demi Lovato was Mitchie Torres.
Disney Channel/DDLovato/Instagram

Joe Jonas was Shane Gray

Disney Channel played it safe when it included Joe Jonasof hermanos jonasin distribution of camp Rock, The youth group was already on their second album when filming began, which ensured that a large number of the band’s followers would also be viewers of the telefilm.

Although his brothers also appear In camp Rock, who is the real protagonist of the film alongside Demi Lovato. As of 2013, Joe and his brothers were playing together, but have disbanded. hermanos jonas He made them start planning their solo careers. The band got back together in 2019, with Joe Jonas joining its cast. Bhakti, story of heroes, Available on Amazon Prime Video.

Joe Jonas was Shane Gray
Disney Channel/JoJonas/Instagram

Meghan Martin was Tess

The trajectory of has been more prudent Meghanthat brought tess to life camp Rock, After Disney Channel telefilm, actress takes over series 10 reasons to hate you, an adaptation of the hit romantic comedy starring Heath Ledger. In this he appeared in 20 episodes.

Later, he acted in films like mean girls 2 (2011) and currently pending release take datesAn interactive romantic comedy in which the viewer can participate by choosing the fate of their protagonist.

Meghan Martin was Tess.
Disney Channel/MeghanJet/Instagram

Maria Canals-Barrera as Connie Torres

Unlike his co-stars, Canals-Barrera She was not a young prodigy: she had been acting since 1992, when she appeared in an episode of the American series marylena, Canals-Barrera is the only actress camp Rock who will also appear in other Disney Channel hits, Wizards of Waverly Place: Caribbean Vacation, His latest film, releasing in 2023 identity crisisAbout a girl who decides to clone herself.

Maria Canals-Barrera was Connie Torres.
Disney Channel/Maria_CB/Instagram

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