What happens if Johnny Depp loses the trial against Amber Heard?

ANDthe trial between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard has come to an end after almost two months of hearings and visits to the courts of Fairfax in Virginia. During this time, the jury has heard the story that both involved have told. And it is that, although the trial comes for a demand of the actor, he may end up being the culprit. What would happen in this situation?

Last April 11 started the trial by which Johnny Depp denounced Amber Heard for defamation after she wrote an article in the Washington Post stating that she was a victim of gender violence during her relationship with the actor.

Although it is true that Depp’s name does not appear anywhere in the letter, his legal team believed that there were sufficient indications to imply that he was talking about him and therefore decided to go to court.

Since then, it has been a constant trickle of experiences and stories told in the first person by its protagonists, in which both claimed to have been victims of domestic violence or witness bad behavior on the part of the other.

Depp was the first to denounce Amber

The fact that Amber has recounted certain scenes of violence in the trial and has shown as evidence videos in which the actor is seen harmed and out of his mind, they can make him win the trial and that Depp is considered guilty.

Keep in mind that the defamation claim is for 50 million dollars. Namely, if Depp wins the trial, Heard must pay him that amountor failing that, the one established by the jury if it takes into account compensation for damages.

Nevertheless, if he is the one who losesyou must pay the counterclaim filed by your ex-partner and which amounts to double: 100 million dollars. The reason, beyond the mistreatment, is that these experiences and, in particular, this trial, have affected his artistic career and reputation.

Depp would lose almost all his fortune

The amounts that are considered by both parties could leave the actors in a very dangerous economic situation. As reported ‘Celebrity Net Worth’, Depp’s fortune amounts to 150 million dollars, while Heard’s is 12 million dollars.

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