What happens to PostePay? “Card blocked” is the new ominous message that has reached many

If you have received a PostePay warning that your card is blocked, you must be very careful. Here because.

What is in place for PostePay users is in effect a scam – Androiditaly.com

The paper PostaPay it is one of the most used ever. It is very convenient to use for any type of payment, it is a lot easy to refill and can also be used for online payments. This is associated with a management cost very low, which in any case provides for several plans in relation to the type of paper purchased.

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If all this allows to define PostePay like a card very comfortable, and therefore very widespread, on the other hand its popularity risks undermining its own safety. The tools that allow us to make payments, especially when it comes to the Internet, are always to be used with the maximum attention.

This can lead some users to some wrong clicks, perhaps on an unknown link or, worse, to provide data through pages that appear to be official sites in all respects. We remind users that, in these situations, caution must be absolute to avoid ending up victim of scam.

The message says “Card blocked”

Many PostePay owners are receiving messages reporting that your card has been blocked. Of course, this is a rare event, especially when large sums of money are not moving, but still possible. Many then respond to the message by providing sensitive data.

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We must be very careful to verify that it asks us for the data is an official source – Androiditaly.com

The problem is these messages they are not official, that is, they do not come from the PostePay staff. In some cases, some users have even reported receiving calls with the same purposes. The data provided thus ended up in the possession of the creators of what is in effect one fraud.

Card numbers, codes, passwords – everything was collected and subsequently used to make withdrawals up to thousands of euros. All this, from the side of the scammers, is extremely easy, since once they have the data of a card, it becomes “virtually” their property, in the sense that they can dispose of it as they like.

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If you have also received one of these messages, we recommend that you pay attention. Caution is never excessive in these cases: it pays off make sure 100% that the source from which these notices are received is PostePay.

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