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The transfer to date of some 50 foreigners from Texas to Washington DC ordered by the governor of Texas, Greg Abbott, worries lawyers and organizations that defend the rights of immigrants. They do not explain the reason for the trip, they tell them that it is free, they make them believe that it is voluntary and when they arrive at their destination, they literally leave them “thrown” on the street.

The shipment of immigrants who arrived at the border seeking asylum (previously surrendered to federal immigration authorities, established an asylum case, were processed and released because they do not constitute a threat to public safety pending presentation before a immigration judge) is part of a strategy by Abbott, a strong opponent of President Joe Biden’s immigration policy.

Abbott blames the government for the crisis that exists on the border with Mexico and assures that the majority of immigrants who are admitted within the framework of due process are criminals.

He further notes that once CDC Title 42 is lifted at the border as of May 23, there will be a kind of alien invasion and that the State of Texas will “remain steadfast in our efforts to fill the gaps (generated by the government) and keep Texans safe.

According to the governor, the transfer of immigrants to the capital will allow the government to “more immediately meet the needs of the people it allows to cross our border.” But what Abbott does not say is that federal authorities are complying with immigration due process with people who are arriving in search of available legal recourse.

This situation threatens to generate a new crisis, because the immigrants released by the Border Patrol, taken under the control of the Texas public safety authorities, voluntarily put on a bus and sent to Washington DC are done without adequate supervision and without explaining in detail to the foreigner the reasons for the trip and the responsibilities assumed before the law at the time of being allowed to enter with the commitment to appear before an immigration judge.

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