What has Inigo Quintero done and where is he? More than 300 million views guarantee its global success

Since October, the ‘If You’re Not’ singer has doubled his number of subscribers on YouTube and has almost 30 million monthly listeners on Spotify, while he continues to perform at major events in our country.

A month has passed since the young man passed away inigo quinteroA practically unknown 22-year-old from A Coruña achieved a milestone in the music industry: it was the first time that a Spanish singer – a newbie, even – had released a solo song spotify global top 1,

Four weeks later, the song in question, if you are notDo deposits approximately 4 million daily views and remains one of the most listened to in the world; It is now ranked fifth in the global top of platforms. In a moment of maximum fury after Quintero’s spectacular first performance at the ceremony By them Of chain 100Many nonbelievers speculated on social networks Deceptive strategies that his record company may have promoted -For example, indiscriminate use of bot– Placing such a seemingly non-commercial song on Spotify.

It’s a song full of metaphors that won’t talk about the heartbeats between love and heartbreak, but about loss of faith in godNow that religion has become more than an element appeal to popular culture and, especially, to the public thousand years old, If not, tell Los Javis with their Stella Maris.

Skeptics and detractors also attached screenshots from other music services. streamingLike Apple Music, where if you are not It was at the top of the national lists and was only visible if you scrolled down the international lists. However, Quintero’s talent isn’t extinguished, in fact: there’s barely a flicker.

The number of subscribers to his YouTube channel – a sloppy container of just five videos Lyrics-, has doubled from 112,000 subscribers at the end of October about 220,000 in mid-November,

Another figure, waiter: three minutes and four seconds if you are not They have been listened to almost 260 million times on Spotify and 75 million times on YouTube – the views are increasing as you read these lines – and the Galician singer-songwriter can boast of such a huge number 28,845,514 listeners last monthfinely honed Rosalia and from a distance Bruce Springsteen With his entire discography.

Actually, a plan Marketing Meticulously designed by Acoustic – the record label that launched guitarriquedelafuente and Paula Coups-, increased the viralization power of TikTok and the impulsivity of countless people celebritiesAs Maria Pombo, first delved into Iñigo Quintero’s recipe for success. The song quickly climbed Spotify lists such as “Novedades Viernes” or “Exitos España” and the version sped up (hurried up) if you are not served as Soundtrack for thousands of romantic videos In the last weeks.

To give us an idea of ​​the madness surrounding the song, the if you are notThe number of reproductions of the previous ones by Quintero exceeds Solo from international artists like Bad Bunny, Taylor Swift, Olivia Rodrigo, Doja Cat or Maluma, The Galician singer and musician has been number 1 in European and Latin American countries such as Germany, France, Holland, Italy, Belgium, Argentina, Colombia, Panama, Chile and Peru and his name has appeared on 30 charts worldwide.

During the first week after it went viral, This song was listened to six million times on Spotify, There was a phenomenon that some users used Artificial Intelligence to recreate versions of if you are not displayed by Aitana or Quevedo.

However, Quintero’s social media exposure is quite restricted and limited to his music career; Few details have emerged about his mysterious personal life continues without giving interviews to the media,

His last public appearance has been as a guest star awards of influencer GenZ and Los40 at the Music Awards in Madrid. In both, he enthralled the audience with his voice and piano. check Blue who shared several stories of his performance with cliché messages. Interpreters will also participate in the finals Kingdom Cup Which will be held in Barcelona next Sunday.

This is not the first time that a song composed in Christian pop has gone viral and broken listening records. topics like Holy by justin bieber or fireflies by owl city He also talked about finding oneself through spiritual contemplation and prayer. It remains to be seen whether Quintero will remain one hit wonder with if you are not Or if the song leads to a long career with albums, tours, signings, interviews… everything that promotes a musician. As of right now, it’s not getting worse at all.

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