What is a Steam Cleaner and how is it used in your car

Washing the car is the most common maintenance service to be performed. Today there are many different places, products and ways to keep your car clean and presentable at all times.

In recent years new forms have been seen, As the Steam Cleaner, to wash your car effectively.

What is the steam cleaners?

steam cleaners o Steam cleaners clean differently to any other method that may be used. Because of this, they are often the only tool that will remove stains and grime that no one else will touch.

These steam cleaners they use tap watere, which is heated above the boiling point of 212°F, and expelled under pressure through a nozzle. Simply by creating steam, which increases in volume over liquid water more than 1700 times, creates all the necessary pressure and no additional pump is required. Because of this, steam cleaners are often very simple machines: the trigger or button to activate it may be the only moving part.

How does the steam cleaners in cars?

The use of a steam cleaners for cars it’s not just about making the vehicle look good. These appliances also disinfect surfaces and penetrate deep into upholstery to remove trapped dirt, allergens and germs, resulting in a cleaner vehicle than other cleaning methods.

When superheated steam exits the nozzle, the heat dissolves the bonds that stick dirt and stubborn stains to your car’s upholstery and other surfaces, while the moisture dilutes it to lift it up and prevent it from sticking again. Little water is used in a given area, and between that and the heat, surfaces dry out quickly.

The steam cleaners they work best when vacuumed first to remove loose dirt; and then for maximum cleaning, again afterwards to pick up anything the steam cleaner has loosened from your car’s upholstery.

The steam cleaners are a very popular cleaning tool for different reasons, among which are:

– They penetrate and loosen stubborn dirt so you don’t have to scrub surfaces by hand, saving you time.
– They do not use chemicals or require additional cleaning agents; all you need is water.
– They can reach all corners of the interior of your vehicle through accessories.
– They can safely clean all kinds of surfaces in your car as well as around the house.
– They are more profitable than getting a professional detailing job.


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