What is better to start with strength exercises or cardio? We reveal the secret

When a person makes the decision to join a gym or, more generally, to play sports, they usually do so with a specific purpose: to lose weight, tone their muscles, prepare for a physical test… This objective will be the one that will mark the session physical that you will perform, since you can do a strength training or cardio.

In this case, Pythagoras’ famous phrase “the order of the factors does not alter the product” is wrong, because starting with one type of training or another will condition the entire session.

strength training

Strength training consists of doing a series of exercises focused on improving muscular strength. To do this, maximum or very heavy loads are lifted, in order to strengthen all the muscle fibers in the area in which we want to focus. The priority objective of this type of training is to tone the muscles through exercises that help improve aspects such as resistance, speed or power.

For this type of training, the most common is to resort to gym machines, or to body work with some type of extra load, such as squats.

The important thing about this training is that it must be executed at a high intensity. It is no use performing repetitions on a machine with a weight that is easy for us to assume: you have to practically reach the limit to be able to improve.

Therefore, if your goal is to perform strength training to hypertrophy muscles, what you should do is save cardio for last. It is necessary that your muscles do not accumulate fatigue, since otherwise, the efficiency and effort that we can dedicate to it will be less. It should be noted that the more fatigued your muscles are, the more likely you are to injure yourself.

Keep in mind that you should not skip the warm-up, so do not start lifting weights directly if your body is not ready for it. This is the biggest mistake you can make!

cardio training

This type of training is based on increasing the heart rate and breathing through long-lasting exercises that move a large muscle group. This includes exercises such as running or stationary cycling, among many others.

If your goal is improve your cardiovascular and pulmonary capacity, whether to prepare for a race, for example, or simply to stay in shape, it is best to start training with this type of exercise. This way, your muscles won’t start out fatigued and you won’t have as much trouble following a breathing pattern.

Also, just as with strength training, starting your workout with fatigue already on you can more easily lead to injury.

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