What is breathing? Benefits and techniques to do it well

Andrea Klimowitz during her breath-work session at the Mercedes-Benz VLife Festival./Photo: Alex Rivera.


This relaxation technique has great mental benefits, which will help you slow down faster.

By Michelle Avis Melgosa

November 20, 2023 / 1:05 pm

When stress takes over, the first thing psychologists recommend is to slow down. This, admittedly, is not easy, but finding the right tools can help a lot. is one of those options breathe, This is a breathing technique Induces meditative state and has many mental and physical benefits, Especially when your mental load is so high that you cannot stop thinking thoughts and this leads to more serious problems. This is explained by psychotherapist and coach Andrea Klimowitz, with whom we were able to enjoy a breathing session during the third edition of the Mercedes-Benz VLife Festival.

«The benefits of breath work are, primarily, on the mental level. Thanks to this technology you get reduce revolutions significantly And reduce all activity in the prefrontal cortex, the area of ​​the brain that controls emotions and memory,” says Klimowitz. This means that it is very helpful in reducing all those repetitive thoughts that may come to your mind in situations of stress or pressure.

Benefits of breathing exercises

Psychiatrists also recommend it to improve self-awareness, have a more positive outlook on life, and overcome negative emotions such as guilt or shame. It’s about accessing the most intuitive part of you. Additionally, this exercise may help “Improve the immune system, ease chronic pain or reduce inflammation”he says.

involved in the work of breathing breathe with a specific technique for an hour, with a change of rhythm, to reach higher states of consciousness. To do this, Klimowitz uses electronic music As a resource for letting yourself go and facilitating that mental connection. However, despite being a relatively easy technique, psychiatrists recommend doing A guide to help you and control you So that there is no shock. “You can even practice this at home, but if you do it for more than ten or 15 minutes, It’s best to find a guide«, he assures.

What should you keep in mind before starting its practice

To get started, you just need to “persist and be brave.” Not everyone is accustomed to these types of practices and you need to be aware and keep yourself free from it. But, in addition, some contraindications should also be taken into account, as it is not a technique for everyone. ,It is not recommended for pregnant womenNot even for those who have high blood pressure, epilepsy or clinical anxiety“He warns.”

Tips to make it effective

Once you’ve started breathing and become accustomed to this exercise, Klimowitz advises «use the diaphragm when breathing And try to stretch the entire abdominal area as much as possible. he is Each inhalation should be as deep as you can, But he also emphasizes on losing fear while doing so. “There are people who may feel dizzy, or their hands may fall asleep, but you can’t panic about it as this is completely normal and temporary. “In the end, when you breathe you release too much energy and that can also cause a cold sensation or dry out nose or throat,” he explains.

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