What is copaiba oil and what is it for?

He copaiba oil Is lots of benefitsespecially for the skin and respiratory system, We explain everything about it in detail natural product Which you can start using at home.

Centuries have passed since then copaiba oil is used with medicinal purposes, and this is natural product Is countless benefits For Health and works in the treatment of various situationsespecially related to skin and respiratory system,

What is copaiba oil?

copaiba oil is oily substance from which it is obtained copaiba treewhose scientific name is copaifera officinalis, This plant species, which can cross 20 meters tall, grows in Amazon Basin and it’s inside brazil, bolivia, Colombia, peru And Venezuela, “Specifically, it is extracted from the center of its Trunk make one small incision, this is a quite viscous liquid whose color ranges from light yellow to Sky, Similarly, it has a strong smell and a bitter taste“, they explain from Neuro-Regenerative Medicine Center Of Valencia,

What is copaiba oil used for?

This ingredient is very rich oleic-linoleic acid and in Vitamin E And, once obtained, it is used making soap, balm one of two essential oil, among other products. It has moisturizing properties, anti inflammatory, Painkillers And antibacterial what do they give lots of benefits,

to help moisturize the skin and for the treatment of skin disordersIn form of dermatitis Or acneIn addition to favoring to worship And this disinfection of Wound, This also works reduce swelling and provide relief joint pain or of Muscles, On the other hand, it is good for various respiratory conditionsIn form of cough Wave bronchitisand there are diuretic propertieswhich promotes and prevents the expulsion of fluids kidney problems, “It can also be used to deal with infections that can spread sexual mannermainly genital herpes And this syphilis“, Expand the specialists of the private hospital network tua deals,

How to Use Copaiba Oil

Copaiba oil is sold as essential oil or in capsule Verbally. Tisha KlemetzIntegrative Health Coach and Expert in Essential Oils, explains in a video on her channel youtube One way to use it is by placing a a few drops Below Language, “You can also put occasional form in the areas that you have some inconvenience or add it to your facial cream“, he says. Similarly, you can mix it with other essential oils, such as Coconut or that of Almondto make you massage, Furthermore, it is also often used as food additive, It should be noted that it is not indicated for pregnant women or women breastfeeding period nor for Children,

Where to buy copaiba oil

In parapharmacy, Vaidya, Aromatherapy Store or through Internet We can buy copaiba oil. Here we show you some options so you can start using it and take advantage of its many benefits.

Take care of your skin with Pranarom Copaiba Oil

Copaiba oil from Pranarom. Pranarom / Ribera Pharmacy

there’s a lot to deal with Swelling And Mark You can use copaiba oil for skin and for cosmetic use life hair (6.95 euros for 10 ml Ribera Pharmacy, It is recommended to mix it with other oils, such as lavenderOf eucalyptus citriodora or of sweet almonds,

Incanat Copaiba Oil is perfect for making creams

Incanat Copaiba Oil. Incanat

“Ideal for preparing Creams and Ointments“he points out inkanat On its copaiba oil (13 euros for 30 ml). it’s about a great ally For to worship of skinAlso supporting it disinfection And this Swelling Of skin.

Effective in fighting dermatitis: Copaiba oil from EUQEE Essential Origins

Original Copaiba Oil from EUQEE Essentials. Origin of EUQEE Essentials

copaiba oil Origin of EUQEE Essentials (16.50 euros for 180 ml) is perfect to combat dermatitisas well as others skin condition Like acne. You can also use these anti inflammatory properties and use it to treat muscle pain, Joint, HITS one of two Sprain,

With terpenic copaiba oil you will soothe skin and respiratory problems

Terpenic copaiba oil. terpenic/natural

In Naturitas you have copaiba oil terpenic (previously 21.62 euros, now 17.02 euros for 30 ml), which is recommended for the treatment of skin problems, such as eczemaone of two respirationIn form of bronchitis, This also works combat urethritis And this joint painexcept for relief from discomfort caused by injuries, The store warns that it should be used a short time,

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