What is diverticulitis? A disease that keeps Eduardo Antonio, ex-boyfriend of Nurka Marcos, in intensive care

A few days ago news came that Cuba Eduardo Antonio who gained popularity because of his relationship passionate with nuerka marcos throughout the year 2009His health was critical because of an emergency surgery performed on him.

The person in charge of giving the said information was his current husband Roy Garciathat through social networks Eduardo Antonio revealed that the singer had surgery for diverticulitis And although he initially described it as stable, a few hours ago he revealed that he was in intensive care and attached to artificial respiration.

What is your health status?
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What is diverticulitis, the disease that Eduardo Antonio is suffering from?

According to various media specializing in human health, it is learned that diverticulitis It is common in older people 40 years old and whose symptoms are: abdominal pain, nausea, fever and change in bowel habits.

according to site Medline PlusThe diverticulitis “they are small sacs or raised sacs that form on the inner wall of the intestine”, and this disease appears when these sacs become inflamed or infected, in addition They are most often found in the lower part of the large intestine.

The singer had to undergo emergency surgery for diverticulitis.
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As we mentioned earlier, this formation of sacs is people over the age of 40However, till now there is no information about what exactly is the reason for their formation.

According to the same source, the symptoms of this condition may start as small pains or cramps in the lower abdomen, and they get worse as the days go by and in people diverticulitis present,

  • tenderness, usually in the lower left abdomen
  • bloating or gas
  • fever and chills
  • nausea and vomiting
  • loss of appetite and not eating
He is still connected to the ventilator.
Photo: IG @eldivodeplacetas

What is the state of health of Eduardo Antonio?

according to her husband Roy Garcia shared this tuesday 5 septemberon the official Instagram of Edward Anthony, it’s still attached to a ventilator, It depends on why it was changed when it was intubated.

“Our Eduardo is still in intensive care, already stable, only artificial respiration has not yet been withdrawn because when he saw himself with intubation he became very upset and his respiratory rate increased greatly and The doctors decided to leave her breathing for one more day. All I want is for you to send her the best of energy and your blessings,” the publication reads.

Eduardo Antonio’s husband prays for his recovery.
Photo: IG @eldivodeplacetas

Given this information, Cuban friends, admirers and relatives who refer to themselves as “El Divo de Plestas”. They have made comments where they wish a speedy recovery to the singer, who it is pertinent to mention was treated a few days back. plastic Surgery.

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