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Shiloh Jolie-Pitt She is the first biological daughter of Angelina Jolie Y Brad Pittand since she was very young she won the affection of the public for being the firstborn of one of the most beloved couples in Hollywood at the time.

Although she is not only known for carrying the genes of Jolie and Pitt, but also for her charisma and her way of dressing, which is more attached to the standards masculine, since she was just a little girl.

Since when did the changes in Angelina Jolie’s daughter begin?

According to El Universal, when she was barely 2 years old, the images reflected that her hairstyles and clothing were more similar to what society identify as a child. Since then, this has called for speculation and questioning of his parents.

In different interviewsthe couple responded that their daughter identified more with her brothers and liked to be called “John”, the character of her favorite story.

As a result of this, the conclusions in the world of entertainment they did not wait, so sooner rather than later they turned Shiloh into one of the icons of the LGBT community.

But despite this, the young woman who is now 15 years old, never said that she was part of them, nor that she openly felt in a process of transformation to be a child. It was just the result of rumors and comments from the press.

The psychological explanation for gender identity

The subject can be analyzed from several points, but the most important is to know that the gender dysphoria It is a psychological condition where the kids experience an entrenched incongruence between their gender linked to their biological sex and how they perceive themselves in society, or with what they feel most identified.

What do pansexual, asexual, gender non-binary, demisexual and other LGBTI community terms mean?

However, and according to information from the Unit of transsexuality and gender identity of the University of Malaga, states that only 15% of children with this condition end up being transsexual, and the percentage greater than 85% stop identifying with the opposite sex when they pass puberty.

An example of this situation occurred recently, at the end of 2021, when Shiloh appeared on the red carpet of the movie “Eternals”, along with his family.

On this occasion, she dazzled and surprised everyone when she arrived wearing a long dress, earrings and even makeup, a complete transformation that made her look like a girl her age who is rediscovering herself.

The different premieres of the Marvel film allowed Shiloh to be seen with bold and very feminine outfits that reminded her that she inherited her mother’s beauty.

With these aspects clear, it can be considered that it is too early to draw a conclusion about Shiloh’s identity, since she is still in the process of growing up, going through puberty and the changes that this entails. (AND)

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