What is it and how to combat it?

He acne it is one of most common physical changes And Visible that a person can show to lack In form of facial acne formed on growth androgena hormone that causes an increase in the production Oil, as well as an infamous opening HoleWhich is usually reflected with the appearance of acne.

Every skin is a world, but if you have that skin type it is at risk acne you’ve probably experienced some degree of hypersensitivity, That’s because “acne hypersensitivity is a condition in which the skin is overly reactive to irritants and acne-causing bacteria,” says Nuria Aluarte, beauty researcher at Mumona.

What is hypersensitivity acne?

for this type hypersensitivity known as a inflammatory response what causes redness, Itching And Cereal, In fact, we do a lot to prevent and treat acne This hypersensitivity may increase, especially when we are exposed to bark till various external agents, For example, in the summer the sunlight, “It causes overreaction Swelling And this production of cereals, ulcers And lump”, he comments nuria,

sensitive skin, family background one of two hormonal changes, puberty, menstruation one of two pregnancyThere are factors that can affect development hypersensitivity acne, This also TensionThe Diet I skin care products Their incidence may increase.

Why does hypersensitivity acne get worse from sunlight?

UV rays Can damage the skin’s natural barrier, making the skin more sensitive to it Infection And irritated, It cautions, “Sun exposure can increase oil production, which can clog pores and aggravate acne.” mumona beauty hunter, It is also true that not all Sun exposure it’s bad for him acne, the main thing is to find the middle point and protect the skin of excessive exposure to UV rays,

What would an ideal routine be like?

“The first thing to keep in mind is that you should always use mild cosmetics that do not contain aggressive chemicals, Fragrances one of two shades”, recommends nuria aluarte, The ideal would be to have the products specially formulated sensitive skin one of two acne prone,

a routine It can be divided into several steps to make it as effective as possible. First, start with A cleansing foam specific to hypersensitive skin, follow up with a exfoliating tonerAnd serum, The end of the routine will vary depending on whether it is morning or night. During the day, a cream that has protection. at night, a night serum So that more hydration can be achieved while resting.

recommended products

, Calm Soothing Cleanser (Medic8), “It is a product specially developed to care for the most sensitive or hypersensitive skin, so its formula is free of any allergenic ingredients and helps you eliminate allergies. Swelling And this redness Keeping skin soothed, cared for and cleansed.” nuria, prevent Vitamin K2 Which helps to strengthen the skin’s natural barrier so that it is more prepared for any aggression. This also sweet orange oil It helps to calm down and reduce swelling most sensitive area,

, Press and Clear (Medic8), ButExfoliating Sonic suitable because it is prepared by a 2% absinthebut with one pH 5.5, Perfect product for uneven texture, tone and prevention acne breakouts Optimized for the most sensitive skin. nuria recommend starting with A custom protocol: Apply it once a day for the first 2 weeks and then, every day in the morning and at night.

, Pure Anti-Imperfections Serum (Patica), It is made from a mixture of zinc-rich algae that inhibits growth bacteria And vegetable bisabolol Known for its anti-inflammatory properties. they are grateful treatment of defects And the mark set in the skin.

, Bioessence Urban Cream Spf50+ (USU Cosmetics), day Cream with safety factor, niacinamide And prebiotics,

, L’Elixir (scene), “At night I would recommend replacing the entire routine with a magic product that should be applied after cleansing, elixir of aroma”, he confesses nuria aluarte, this is a night serum Made with 100% more than 15 oils Deeply revitalizes, illuminates and nourishes skin while you relax. Enriched with Baobab Oil, softening, soothing, anti-inflammatory and revitalizing properties. in addition to safflower oil that reproduces skin tissue And prickly pear oil In form of Best Natural Anti-Aging Antioxidant, you have to highlight Bakuchiol (vegan retinol).

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