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missing photo Brad Pitt at Wimbledon The world is in disbelief that the actor is 59 years old… “No time passes for her, she is gorgeous, impressive” they all say.,

In order to approach old age wonderfully, it must appear that nothing has happened to you, that nothing that has happened to you is worth noticing…. Through whom the possession of beauty is established? embalming, because death is very suitable for you, of the finite, which, by definition, is mutable because it changes…. Desirable bodies are those that achieve the impossible, the heroism of being contained in the thinness of youth… A body that is dusted and even polished day after day… A skin that shows no signs of a system that ruins us over and over again and that wears us down…

Capitalism makes us old fast and neoliberalism sells us personalized solutions… They make us gluten intolerant and sell us gluten-free products at triple the price…. Leaving your life at work has left you with dark circles, but buy this cream so they don’t appear… Brad Pitt is hot (He’s hot because he has the money to stop time) is also privileged, that’s why time doesn’t pass for them, because they can pay to stop it), but The problem is that by saying it’s beautiful to be like them, we’re saying it’s disgraceful not to be like them.,

…..Ugly is everything it is not….

If this is desirable, then whatever emerges, which cannot be hidden, shaved, injected or picked up, whatever spills out, is undesirable…

In front of Brad Pitt’s body and demonic face are the rest… everything that is not Brad Pitt… those existences full of wrinkles, stretch marks, those who notice they are getting older, whose faces melt away who have a double chin, who look tired as they are, who gain or lose weight, who are pale, pale, who become bald, We lose ourselves, the bodies that give birth, bodies full of lack, brokenness or conflict…

with bodies delusions of not being brad pittThe ones who use pillows to protect and cover themselves, the bodies that bathe in T-shirts, the ones that never show themselves or undress, the bodies that try but don’t come out… they all bodies that are Most Faces That Don’t Get Selected In The Tombola Of The Beautiful,

it is obviously It’s Not Brad Pitt’s “Fault”Nor does it mean that we can’t admire this kind of beauty (it would be more necessary for everyone to do what they think is appropriate than they wish), it just means that it’s an opportunity for us to be able to Is Consider why this beauty is like no otherWhy do we get amazed by everything that doesn’t seem to be alive, everything that makes us forget that one day we will be gone so that we can continue to consume and produce, produce and consume until the end….

What a lazy beauty…

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