What is needed to open an OnlyFans? These are the requirements


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Are you curious to open a onlyfans? You know how does it work the platform? Surely you have heard about this apps and the amount of money they earn several people to upload exclusive photos in said application. The reality is that OnlyFans is the favorite of many, but it also has its risks. If you do not know how to use it and still have doubts, here we tell you everything: what do you need to register and requirements you must comply.

onlyfans It is a very popular platform worldwide; in Mexico, the personalities that lead the app are karely ruiz Y yanet garcia; In the United States, the celebrities with the most subscribers are Bella Thorne and Cardi B.. How much do you get paid to have an OnlyFans? This depends, since users pay a monthly subscription that generally goes from 10 to 30 dollars.

What is OnlyFans and how does it work?

OnlyFans logo. Photo: Freepik

OnlyFans is a platform and application created in 2016 in Londonin which you can earn income from users subscribed to your profile (whether they pay per view, a one-time payment or a monthly subscription). The service has become popular because people offer in this app exclusive content to your followers.

The main recommendation to use this platform is that if you have an account be very careful about the content you share: do not upload anything that could put your integrity or that of others at risk; This platform must be used by adults.

What is needed to open an OnlyFans?

The requirements you must meet to open an OnlyFans account are

  1. Be of age.
  2. Accredit identification and personal data.
  3. Enter a bank account to access content or charge for its realization.
  4. In some countries you must be legally linked to a contract on OnlyFans.
Exclusive photos are uploaded on OnlyFans. Photo: Freepik

How do I create an OnlyFans account?

Enter the OnlyFans page from the computer or cell phone; create a profile which must be synchronized with a valid email, username and password; provide the appropriate permissions and that’s it, you can use the platform (only specify if you are a content creator or consumer).

What kind of photos are uploaded to OnlyFans?

The content creator must upload creative photos for your subscribers; The idea of ​​this platform is to be special and exclusive content so that the number of people interested in your profile grows and, consequently, make a lot of money. The users with the most followers on the platform recommend that your photos are fun and original.

OnlyFans photos must be creative for you to earn money. Photo: Freepik

How to earn money on OnlyFans without uploading photos?

If you want earn money but you don’t want to upload photos of yourself, you can choose to create another type of iimages in which you show a little of what you do in your daily life. For example, some chefs upload special recipes to their onlyfans, exercise instructors share their best routines; there are several possibilities.


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