What is pansexual and what does it refer to?

Referential image. Several users wonder about pansexuality. This Monday, July 4, we will tell you what this term is and what it refers to. Photo: Freepik

Various actors and singers worldwide such asFergie and Miley Cyrus have been identified as pansexuals. This Monday July 4, 2022 we tell you What is it Y what does it do reference.

For sexologists, the term pansexual is an extension of bisexuality. That is to say, the bisexual feels sexual and affective attraction for the masculine and feminine sex; sometimes more for one or the other. The pansexual is an override of that term and not only feel attraction by men and women, but by other genres.

In fact, both the Royal Spanish Academy (RAE) as the Fundeudefine the pansexual as a person who feels attracted for all the sexes and genders.“You have to keep in mind that there are not only gays, lesbians, bisexuals, but also transsexuals and transgenders.”


The sex of a person are the biological characteristics at the reproductive level in which you can be a man or a woman.

While gender is social and cultural characteristics that determines a society about the person with a sex, such as: masculinity and femininity.

Likewise, sexual orientation speaks about the erotic desire how a person feels about a particular gender. The best known are heterosexuality, homosexuality and bisexuality.

But additionally, there is pansexuality, which is when a person feels attraction to another regardless of their gender. So choosing a partner has that freedom to explore sexuality and fell in love of any human being.

Actresses self-identified as pansexual

Over the years, a number of actresses have identified as pansexual. One of them is the American actress Bella Thorne.

Among other celebrities are Kristen Stewart and singers Fergie and Miley Cyrus have also been identified with the term.

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