What is Sykrim’s most aesthetic weapon? This is what the players say


The extensive debates about the great diversity of video games today is one of the most constant practices among players on networks like Reddit, where this is possible thanks to the fact that there are multiple groups of fans of both series, movies, comics, games and a long etc. With respect to the latter, among the topics that are addressed, we would fall short if we only talk about comparisons that arise according to their general characteristics. For example, some of them provide opinions, reviews, curious data on locations or objects (especially if the rest of the players have overlooked it), reveal some of the tips that have led them to a more demanding gameplay or, for On the contrary, to facilitate the experience of other more inexperienced players, they even share some theories that seem to make sense or, perhaps, others that are quite far-fetched.

But the truth is that these discussions generally enrich the experience with many of the games. And most comments, especially about RPGs, tend to emphasize the improvements they can get in battles, strategies, descriptions of the most relevant objects and weapons that will allow them to win (such as range, performance and level of damage they cause) or, at the very least, they will make the game easier for them in a certain way. Although, apparently, there are also other details to discuss about the aesthetics of the worlds and their respective benefits.

Nevertheless, few games have been discussed as much as The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. So it’s no surprise that even the smallest details come to the fore when it comes to deepening the gaming experience.


Skyrim and the impact it continues to have on its players

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim has been one of the video games, despite having a decade since its launch, that continues to give something to talk about thanks to its numerous objects, characters and, of course, the incredible construction that has earned it so much popularity. . This perfect combination has resulted in some of the most interesting reviews that we can find in the world of video games.

Although we could enumerate long lists with the enormous amount of weapons that we find throughout Tamriel, such as iron daggers or Orcian swords, it is fair to mention that one of the main advantages of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is the great mix of different weapons that it offers the player to help him in his own style of play. Something quite positive considering that each one could find something that is useful according to their needs. And while each of the weapons has its own quirks and charm, some also have enchantments that are quite suitable for defeating Alduin, the Eater of Worlds.

The most beautiful weapons in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

But what has occupied a great debate around the Bethesda game at the moment is the aesthetics of its weapons. A Reddit user named Successful_Bar_2271 started the discussion after asking other players “What’s the prettiest gun?” followed by an image showing nine daggers and swords (Nordic, Elven and Crystal), which you can see below:


Unsurprisingly, given the popularity of the game, the post quickly reached over 1,200 upvotes. And more and more users joined the discussion to contribute their respective opinions on the aesthetics of the weapons in the game. There seemed to be a general consensus, since many of the comments agreed that those made of glass gave it an aspect more attached to the fantastic theme and, therefore, they had “better aesthetics”; on the contrary, some of them considered that the crystal swords gave him an out of place effect and certainly did not look like a reliable weapon, as they gave the impression of little functionality.

Despite a sharp division, the name of the crystal dagger echoed among a host of comments pointing out not only its good looks, but it is also one of the strongest daggers in Skyrim, after dedrics and dragonbones.. But the discussion did not end there, as a minority expressed that the “Elven, Daedric and Dragonbone” items have their own charm, on a par with some dwarven weapons.

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