“What is that?” A misinformation mix for the death of Queen Elizabeth II

The sky is the limit for creativityttt and after Queen Elizabeth passed away there were many, many misinformation posts.

I share with you the list of the most false and shared information on social networks, but which was verified by the puppy of The hound.

Queen Elizabeth II is not a reptile

What? From where and why?

Since before the death of the queen there were already rumors that ‘Chabelita’ was a reptile for living so many years and staying at the head of the British crown.

Although it is true that he lived for 96 years and of those he was in power for 70, it has nothing to do with it because that information came from a conspiracy theory.

Magazine Time said that the person in charge of initiating the theory was David Icke, a former journalist for the BBCwho published his first book “The Biggest Secret” (“The Biggest Secret”) in 1998 where he said that the Royal Family “they are nothing more than reptiles with a crown”.

Find out how it was: The United Kingdom fires the queen: This will be the funeral and burial of Elizabeth II

The queen did not die before September 8

Is it possible that he died before that date? I don’t think so because on the mere 6th of September, Queen Elizabeth received Elizabeth Truss, who would become the current Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. Their meeting was at Balmoral Castle, Scotland.

The same royal family public that Elizabeth II asked Truss to form a new administration and she accepted the queen’s offer, for which she was later appointed Prime Minister and Prime Minister of the Treasury.

Queen Elizabeth II passed away on September 8 at Balmoral Castle, Scotlandso it doesn’t match that he died before.

the british newspaper Guardian reported that after that meeting Liz dashed into her new office at 10 Downing Street to deliver her first nationwide address.

See how smiling he looked the Chabelita greeting the 56th Prime Minister:



The gold coffin is not Queen Elizabeth II’s

What elegance, huh! In other check we tell you that in social networks they invented that the body of Queen Elizabeth was in a coffin of gold, but the net is that they were mega wrong because it actually belonged to the singer José José who died in 2019.

That photo was taken at the funeral of “The Prince of Song” in Fine Arts with the singer’s ashes that arrived on a plane from the Mexican Air Force to Benito Juárez International Airport (AICM) in Mexico City on October 9, 2019.

And all because they were criticizing the opulence of the golden coffin, they went back because the images of the coffins do not match. This is what the coffin looked like before it was transferred to Buckingham Palace on September 12.



A week later, on September 19, the appearance of the coffin did not change much, but this is how it looked for his burial in Westminster Hall. Approximately 250,000 people lined up to enter and say goodbye to Queen Elizabeth II, according to michelle donelanSecretary of State for Digital Affairs, Culture, Media and Sport.



A camera did not broadcast live inside the Queen’s coffin

That’s super fake! Here the transmission on TV and social networks did not reach extremes because in another note we tell you not It was true that there was a night vision camera inside the coffin of Queen Elizabeth II during his funeral procession.

They put together videos of how the float traveled through the streets of the United Kingdom and the body of the Queen very still… but obviously don’t believe them that they recorded inside the royal coffin because they took that off the program “From Avondshow met Arjen Lubach”a satirical program on Dutch television.

The Simpsons did not predict the queen’s death

On a small tombstone it reads “Elizabeth II 1926-2022” and to one side the body of Queen Elizabeth implying that the queen died, although it is true that she died in 2022 it was not because in the series of The Simpson They predicted it.

Our friends of checked They verified the images and told us that there was an edition of two different images.

The first scene where Queen Elizabeth is seen did appear in the series, lit in “Regina’s Monologues” and in that same chapter it was when Homer crashed into the royal carriage, but network users thought of taking a screenshot and editing it to make it look like The Simpson they already knew what show with Elizabeth II.

Queen Amelia Thermopolis did not attend his funeral

“Do not pass!”. It is one of the most iconic responses of Princess Mia Thermopolis… which is only a character played by actress Anne Hathaway in the Disney movie The princess’s Diary in 2001.

A TikTok account automatically invited Queen Amelia Mignonette Thermopólis Renaldi (because she was crowned) to Queen Elizabeth II’s state funeral.

Although Anne did dedicate some very nice words to Queen Elizabeth on her Instagram account, It is fake that he was at the funeral.

In the photos you can see that “Queen Amelia” does look sad —with a 10/10 outfit— during the ceremony, but we find that in The original photos are Anne Hathaway filming the scenes for the movie “Armageddon Time” in 2021.

Several fell into disinformation with this video because it already has more than 2.6 million views, 295 thousand likes and passed 2,800 shares.

The pics were published on the entertainment news portal Just Jared and we find them with TinEye which is an image search tool.



King Carlos II did not put “Trump won in 2020” to a little note in the queen’s coffin

Here the goats went to the mountain because the little letter in the flower arrangement says “In loving and devoted memory, Charles R.” Trump has nothing to do with this and if we talk about winners it was the president Joe Biden who triumphed in the United States presidential election in 2020.

Queen Elizabeth II did not pass away before 2020 and until met former president Donald Trump during his visit to the UK at Windsor Castle in 2018.

As a piece of gossip, I’ll tell you that King Carlos III asked that the Crown of flowers was made of rosemary, English oak and myrtle (cut from a plant grown from the myrtle in Elizabeth II’s bridal bouquet) and cut flowers from the gardens of the royal households. How cute!

Queen Elizabeth II did not throw food at children

The Sabu I had already looked for where that alleged video of the queen throwing food came from and we found that this video was taken from a French movie Enfants annamites ramasant des sapèques devant la pagode des dames (Anamite children collecting coins in front of the ladies’ pagoda), by French filmmaker Gabriel Veyre.

Boooo!! There is no food in the video either, but the actresses who appear there were throwing coins, according to the data sheet.

Marcelo Ebrard did not publish “The dead to the well and the alive to the joy” during the state funeral

Well matched and funny the Ebrard at the funeral of the queenhuh

Although the phrase “The dead to the well and the alive to the joy” it’s very mexa, Marcelo Ebrard did not publish it in that tweet. The photomontage was found in a post from a parody account on Twitter.



The original phrase of the Foreign Secretary was “At the State Funeral of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.” Check it out with your eyes:

The BBC did not anticipate the news of the death

Neither Royal Family or the middle BBC they said that the queen died when on Twitter they looked into the future and confirmed a news that was not official.

The only statements before his death were that the doctors of Queen Elizabeth II were concerned about his health, but until then and no more.

In a check we explain that the disinformation came from a profile that supplanted the identity of the news channel BBC.

By protocol it is up to the Royal Family and the BBC from UK break this news and the “account” (@BreakingNewBbc) does not have their account verified.

So, do not believe everything that is on the Internet because if it seems suspicious to you, it may be false. After the death of Queen Elizabeth, they published at least 10 publications with disinformation that the team of The hound.

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