What is the approximate cost to replace your car’s air conditioning compressor?

The air conditioning system of cars is made up of several elements, which work together so that there can be cold or hot air in the vehicle.

However, there are some parts that are more important than others. air conditioning compressorfor example, compresses the refrigerant and keeps it moving through the entire system.

The compressor is a crucial part that makes the air conditioner work. of your car and if you have problems with it on a hot day, you will want to know more about how to replace it if it breaks, where you can buy it and of course, how much are you going to spend on a new one.

That’s why, here we tell you what is the approximate cost to replace the compressor of the air conditioning of your car.

An air conditioning compressor change can be complex depending on the parts necessary to carry out the repair correctly. This can vary quite a bit depending on the vehicle you drive and the location of the compressor on the engine.

Generally speaking, for a workshop to correctly change an air conditioning compressor and related components, flush and refill system it will cost between $750 and $1500.00. Depending on the model and the cost of the parts in general, this cost could be even higher.

Also, the cost of parts, flushing, and coolant typically range from $350.00 to $650.00.

It’s important to have on mind that if your compressor suffered an internal failure, all lines and system components will need to be flushed properly to remove contaminants. Failing to do this is a guaranteed ticket to another failed compressor, as these same contaminants will damage the new one.

In general, please note the following parts, which should be changed when replacing a compressor:

– The complete set of the air conditioning compressor
– All necessary seals to connect the lines
– Accumulator or receiver dryer
– Orifice tube (if equipped)


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