What is the best brand of condom in Mexico?

There are a variety of condom brands available in the market that offer different features to suit each individual’s preferences. But do you know which is the best brand of condom in Mexico?

To answer that question, the federal consumer protection agency (Professional) conducted a study with the 25 most popular condom brands. During this study, 7 different tests were conducted in which the quality of the product, the packaging and the information they provided were evaluated. In addition to their resistance, expiration date and the materials from which they are made.

Similarly, condoms of each brand were measured and their thickness was evaluated, which should not be more or less than 2 millimeters. Furthermore, they carried out a visual inspection in which they checked that they did not have any cracks, holes or dirt.

Regarding colored condoms, a test was conducted in which it was verified that the pigments did not leach from the walls.

One of the main objectives of these tests is to evaluate how safe the condoms of these brands are, in addition to evaluating the quality-price ratio.

What is the best brand of condom?

After all these tests, Profeco concluded what is the best brand of condom in Mexico or rather the best brand.

The brands that we will mention below received excellent ratings in the tests to which they were subjected and are:

classic conscience

They are male condoms made of latex rubber, in this presentation they come lubricated with silicone and have a light vanilla flavor. They provide a feeling of “unique silkiness” and according to Farmacia del Aharoro’s official website, a package of 20 pieces costs $176.00 pesos.

Red packaging with 20 Prudence brand condoms. Screenshot/Savings Pharmacy

extra strong trojan

Although Profeco recommends condoms with this name, no results appear on pharmacies and Trojan’s own site. On the contrary, the most popular of this brand are Trojan Ecstasy Textured, Trojan Pro-Tech Seguridad and Trojan Fire & Ice.

These condoms are also made of latex and all three types have different specifications regarding smoothness and shape. However, all three agree on providing a pleasant sensation.

You can find these products at Farmacias del Ahorro, Farmacias San Pablo, and Farmacias Guadalajara. Similarly, at Amazon, Walmart, Soriana and Chedraui.

Boxes of three different types of Trojan brand condoms. screenshot/trojan

siko thermax skin

Now, these male condoms are made of polyisoprene, which makes them the number one choice for people who are allergic to latex.

These are one of the most expensive condoms, as a package of 3 pieces costs between $86.00 and $95.00 pesos.

Three packages of different types of SICO brand condoms. Screenshot/SICO

Obviously, the price is related to the type, the number of condoms in the package and the features offered. For example, the most popular condoms of this brand include “Skin to Skin” (made without latex), “Invisible”, “Mutual Climax” and “Sensitive”.

worst brand of condom

On the other hand, the condoms rated worst by Profeco and which failed all tests are the following:

durex natural and retard

very sensitive trojan

textured balm

How to apply condom?

first step

Check the expiry date and that the packaging is completely sealed. It is not recommended to use condoms older than three months.

Condoms should be stored in a cool place, so don’t think about keeping them in your purse, backpack or car glove compartment.

second step

Open one of the different packages using only your fingers. Avoid using scissors, razors, jewelry or your teeth, as doing so may tear or puncture the condom.

third step

With clean hands, take out the condom and press its tip, called the receptacle. Its purpose is to remove any air present in it so that it does not break due to friction during sex.

A woman’s hand presses the tip of the condom into what is called the receptacle. Deonblack / Unsplash

fourth step

Now open the condom on the erect penis till the root.

fifth step

After sex, hold the condom at the bottom so that semen does not fall out.

sixth step

Finally, carefully remove the condom and throw it in the dustbin.

How to put a condom on correctly TikTok.

Use of condoms has become essential for a healthy and safe sex life. Well, it is one of the contraceptive methods, which apart from preventing unwanted pregnancies, also protects against sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). Like HIV, AIDS, Chlamydia, Genital Herpes, Human Papillomavirus (HPV), Syphilis, Gonorrhea etc.

Ultimately, deciding which brand of condom is best is a choice that will depend on each person’s preferences. The effectiveness and safety of condoms will largely depend on whether they are used correctly.

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