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Bitcoin, phishing, scam, email, wallet,Ethereum could be the cryptocurrency par excellence for investors compared to the bitcoin, according to the American JPMorgan Chase.

The second highest market value cryptocurrency in the world continues to set new records. It currently has a market capitalization that is roughly half that of bitcoin. One of the reasons investors place their trust in Ethereum (ether) over bitcoin is becauseutility.

Ethereum plays a leading role in the emerging decentralized finance industry (DeFi), as well as a platform for non-fungible tokens (NFT). Bitcoin instead serves mainly as a daily currency, as in El Salvador, or as a digital reserve similar to gold. “Ethereum derives its value from its applications, which range from DeFi to games, NFTs and stablecoins. It will become more and more popular than bitcoin “. The latter has already reached its peak, according to some experts.

Bitcoin vs Ethereum: At the moment they are among the best cryptocurrencies in the world

A recent survey found that the 52% of investors plan to invest in Ethereum by the end of 2021, compared to 48% who intends to buy bitcoins. “Many cryptocurrency investors are focused on Ethereum due to its involvement in DeFi and NFT projects,” explains Jesse Cohen, senior analyst at

“With the price still below $ 5,000, many expect its market value to double in 2022. That said, bitcoin shows no signs of slowing even though it is already mainstream and is likely to gain further momentum. ” Meanwhile, his rival is slowly reaching the same levels of success.

Last month, Ethereum surpassed other currencies for the first time to become the 15th most valuable asset in the world with a market capitalization of over half a trillion dollars. CompaniesMarketCap’s global asset data shows that Ethereum ranks even higher than companies of the caliber of Matercard, PayPal and Visa.

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