What is the degree of education of Evangelina Anderson?

Evangelina Anderson he finished his studies Secondary school at San Ramon Nonato School in the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Floresta. She then graduated as an entry-level teacher, but did not practice because she was already a media personality. On the other hand, a few years ago, and already in the family martin demichelisHe completed yoga teacher training.

Evangelina Anderson: Her Secondary Education and the Origin of Her Stage Name

She was born as Evangelina Paterno on 23 July 1983. He grew up in the Villa Devoto neighborhood of Buenos Aires, but made a career studies Secondary schools in Floresta, in particular the San Ramon Nonato Institute. A few weeks ago, the model made headlines when she returned to the school for a trip she decided to make with former classmates. wife of martin demichelis He shared the experience through his Instagram stories and recalled various moments from his past.


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